Pascal Defeats Gonzalez, In What Was A Great Judges Decision

Posted: July 27, 2015 in Boxing Results
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In what may have looked like a fight that Yuniesky Gonzalez dominated, was actually to my surprise called correctly by all three judges.  Gonzalez was hands down the busier fighter in this one, and a lot of the rounds were extremely hard to score.  They were very close and competitive, and usually in the eyes of the judges, when a round is too close to call, it goes to the busier fighter.

Gonzalez came put strong, beating Pascal to every punch in the first round, which he clearly won.  He outlander Pascal and hit him with cleaner and harder shots.  Pascal would come back in the second round.  They would be credited with landing 18 punches each, but Pascal landed the better ones, even though Gonzalez would throw more yet again.  Gonzalez would continue to walk Padcal down and keep him on his back foot, pretty much the whole fight, but Pascasl would rally and throw the better punches.

The unofficial scorecard had Gonzalez winning 5 of the 6 first rounds, but I gave Pascal the second, fourth and the sixth, so after 6, I believe they were dead even.  I can see why it would be that way, with gonzalez outworking Pascal in every round, but that does not mean he was actually winning these rounds.  Gonzalez’ right hand was more of a clubbing slap, which did land on Pascal numerous times, but didn’t really seem to have any effect.

Pascal would seize control of the fight in the second half, winning 2 minutes of every round, with Gonzalez just coming in strong in the last 30 seconds of every round or so.  The judges did not fall for it, and I’m glad they didn’t.  Pascal would continue to hurt Gonzalez with huge right hands for the rest of the fight, and he was clearly more accurate while doing so.   This fight stole the show last night, with the main event being sloppy, due to the awkwardness of Nadjib Mohammedi who was later KO’ed by Sergey Kovalev.  The right decision was called unanimously by all three judges, as they all had Pascal winning the fight 96-94.  Here are the final punch stats, just so there is no confusion:

Punch Stats
Landed 154 163
Thrown 397 632
Percent 39% 26%


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