Sergey Kovalev (28-0-1, 25 KO’s), who destroyed huge underdog Nadjib Mohammeddi (37-4, 23 KO’s), his #1 IBF title contender on Saturday night, is ready to move on the bigger and better things.  Kovalev absolutely whipped the floor with his highly overmatched opponent this past weekend, and when asked about Andre Wards’ recent comments about him, he reiterated his previous answer to Max Kellerman.  “I’m ready for anyone”.  Kovalev has proven that he will take on anyone in the ring, as he continues to fight top 10 opponents in the Light Heavyweight division, except Mohammeddi, which for reason unknown to me, was somehow ranked Kovalevs’ mandatory contender by the IBF.

Andre Ward had his tune up fight against Paul Smith after being out of the ring for a long time due to injuries and promotional troubles.  He seems to be foaming at the mouth, and hell bent on getting the biggest fights possible after his completely one sided return to the ring against smith.  Ward stopped Smith in the 9th rounds of their fight back on June 20 of this year, and ever since then has been throwing out huge names that he wants to fight “now”.  Is Ward for real?  Only time can tell, but by the way he’s talking, he wants action.

Andre Ward was dropped off of TheRing Magazine Pound for Pound list, and even the top 10 rankings in the Super Middleweight division due to extreme inactivity, but is still the best fighter in the division, and arguably the world when active.  Maybe this is why he’s looking for the biggest name to fight in a very quick manner.  He wanted to fight Gennady Golovkin first, at a catch weight somewhere between Middleweight and Super Middleweight, but that won’t happen now with Golovkin fighting David Lemuiex on the October 17th HBO PPV.  And, Ward has expressed interest in moving up to Light Heavyweight (175 pounds) anyway, so the biggest fight possible would have to be against Kovalev. got this quote from Kovalev.  “He’s a fighter on a high level.  He’s an olympic champion.  He’s the best right now in the Super Middleweigh division.  Right now I’m in the Light Heavyweight Division and Andre Ward is still in Super Middleweight.  This is a sport.  I’m open to fight anyone, I’m not Adonis Stevenson,” Kovalev said.  It remains to be seen if any of this will actually happen, but I personally believe both fighter with what they are saying.  Reasons being is that Kovalev just does not back down from anything, and the possibility of a showdown with Stevenson is looking very bleak.  Ward on the other hand, is one of the best, if not THE best pound for pound pure boxer in the world.  At the moment he is not recognized as one (due to the inactivity), and it must be eating him alive.  It looks like 2015 is setting up a large number of huge potential fights for 2016, and its all very exciting.


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