Floyd Mayweather has been officially stripped of his Ring Junior Middleweigjt championship.  The move does not come as a surprise at all, as Floyd has been exclusively fight at welterweight, and has failed to defend his Junior Middleweight title since he won it from Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez on September 9th of 2013.  According to ‘The Ring’ policy, even if a champion fights at another weight and defends a different title, if he fails to schedule a fight at a weight class for 18 months, he will be stripped of that title.  Mayweathers last fight at junior middleweight was on September the 9th of 2013.  Which means he hasn’t fought in or defended his junior middleweight championship for for a little under 24 months.  Its a bit surprising that ‘The Ring’ title wasn’t stripeed a little bit sooner, but the right action was taken eventually by rule.

Since winning the Junior Middleweight title, Floyd Mayweather was only fought at welterweight. He fought and defeated Macros Maidana in May of 2014, and Saptemeber on 2014.  He then went on to defeat Manny Pacquiao (also at welterweight), in May of 2015, and he will now face Andre Breto in September, also at 147 pounds.  Junior Middleweight seems to be an afterthought for Money May anyway, so the move here is totally understandable and overdue.  Mayweather will definitely finish off his career as a welterweight, whether this really is his last fight or not.

Danny Garcia Vacates His 140 Pound ‘Ring’ Belt

Another ‘Ring’ title has been vacated as well.  Danny Garcia has officially moved up to Welterweight (147 pounds), so he himself has vacated his 140 pound title.  Garcia has not fought at 140 pounds in a while as well.  His last fight at the weight was against Mauricio Herrera in March of 2014, where he earned a highly controversial majority decision victory.  Sonce then, Garcia has fought at catch weights between Junior Wleterweight and Welterweight agains Rod Salka and Lamont Peterson.  With his official move up to Wleterweight, he vacates his 140 pound title, in another not surprising move, as he will not be returning to the Junior Wleterweight division.


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