Middleweight star Gennady Golovkins’ rise to fame has been a truly unbelievable story.  It has not come easy tho.  Golovkin has finally got the huge fight he has been looking for (against David Lemiuex).  “GGG” has spent the past two years, pretty much, looking for an opponent that was credible, to prove himself against.  He’s been criticized for not have an elite win under his belt, but how do you get an elite win, if no elite fighter is willing of face you?  Golovkins’ claim to fame has undoubtably been because of his crazy knockout streak that currently stands at 20 in a row, and while that is extremely impressive, it has come against opponents that are surely good fighters, but not great fighters.  While the Miguel Cottos’ and Andre Wards’ of the world keep preaching about fighting Golovkin, unfortunately it has not happened yet.  They say they want to fight, and then they don’t.

Well, one big name has finally Stepped up, and its about time.   David Lemiuex (34-2, 31 KO’s), will without a doubt be Golovkins’ toughest test to date.  Lemiuex has always been on the map as one of the hottest prospects in boxing early in his career.  He did suffer some bumps in the road with 2 losses a few years back (2011).  Lemieux is the current IBF Middleweight champion, and he just defeated Hassan N’Dam, a the time ranked #4 by The Ring Magazine in the Middleweight division.  Many though Lemieux was a one trick pony.  Power was all he had.  He proved that not to be true as he went all 12 rounds with N’Dam and completely massacred him.  But does Lemiuex stand any real chance of beating Gennnady Golovkin?

 Lemeiuxs’ only chance to win this fight will be his power, which is the only thing that he can match with Golovkin.  Gennady Golovkin is a complete boxer.  The thing that makes him so good is his power combined with the accuracy of his punches.  Golovkin also lands the highest percentage of jabs out of anyone in boxing right now, which is very surprising given the fact that he just knocks everyone out.  Lemiuex will have to land something big early and shake Golovkin up to the point where he is the one going backwards.  If he allows Golovkin to walk him down, being the superior boxer that “GGG” is, then Lemieux will get knocked out, just like everyone else.  This has fight of the year written all over it, because both guys are knockout artists, and these days thats what the fans want.  Golovkin will be defending his WBAsuper, IBO, and WBC (interim) Middleweight titles, while Lemieux is making his first defense of his IBF title, so its a winner take all situation here.  Will Gennady Golovkins’ knockout streak continue, or will David Lemieux end that on October 17th?


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