Leo Santa Cruz (31-0-1, 17 KO’s) proved last night that he was for real.  Santa Cruz has taken some heat as of late, that he is undefeated because he hasn’t fought any top tier opposition.  Most of the criticism came from Abner Mares (29-2-1, 15 KO’s) of course.  No doubt, Mares would be Santa Cruz’ toughest opponent yet, as Mares has fought better fighters then Santa Cruz.  This fight had “fight of the year” potential, and at sure did not disappoint, as almost 2000 punches were thrown in this one.

Abner Mares would come out guns blazing in the first round, as he literally ran out of his corner swinging at Santa Cruz.  Mares totally dominated the first round, but at this pace, he would have to be careful not to punch himself out, as he would do exactly that later on.  Back and fourth they would go, trading rounds throughout the first half of the fight, throwing an insane amount of punches, but Santa Cruz would prove to be more accurate, as he would land at a higher percentage.

In the second half, Mares would tire out a bit, just as predicted, and Santa Cruz would adjust.  Leo would consistently catch the over zealous Mares coming in, with beautiful counter shots and start racking up the rounds.  Mares would win the 11th round (according to my scorecard), but lose the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, and 12th.  If there was any questions whether Santa Cruz was for real or not, they were definitively answered last night, as Santa Cruz defeats a top notch fighter in Abner Mares.

Full Fight Highlights:

Ceja KO’s Ruiz

In the Co-feature, it was Julio Ceja (30-1, 27 KO’s) VS Hugo Ruiz (35-3, 31 KO’s) for the interim WBC Super Bantamweight title.  From the start it was evident that Ruiz was the bigger and taller man with a nice reach advantage.  He was out boxing Ceja and using that long reach to win the rounds.  Ceja looked like he had no chance, as he could not figure out how to get inside and land his big left hook.  In the third, ruiz would put Ceja down for the first time ever, and it looked like Ceja was well on his way to his second career loss.  Things took a turn in the fifth round.  Ceja made ruiz miss a right hand, and countered with a huge left hook.  Ruiz was badly hurt as he went down.  Ceja, being the better finisher of the two, would then go into attack mode with a relentless flurry.  The referee would then stop the fight, as ruiz was still badly hurt and not throwing back.  Ceja gets his 30th win, in a fight that looked like Ruiz had totally under control.


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