Andre Berto was not the most popular choice of opponent for Floyd Mayweathers’ “last” fight, but he was the WBA #1 contender, so it made sense.  He is also the interim WBA Champion.  With that being said, Mayweather made Berto look like and amateur fighter.  All three judges had Mayweather winning the fight by a landslide.  Judge Adalade Bird scored it 120-108 (Mayweather), judge Dave Maretti scored it 117-111 (Mayweather), and judge Steve Weisfeld scored it 118-110 (Mayweather).  I was paying extra close attention to this fight, being a huge Mayweather fan, and scored it 119-109, giving Berto only the 7th round.  Berto looked really nervous and could not get it going.  When he did, Mayweather showed us something we have forgotten.  He still can fight on the inside, and he still can brawl.  In fact, he almost was able to KO Berto in round 12.

This was Mayweathers most brilliant performance in recent years, even though some might criticize his opponent (Berto).  Mayweather looked faster and sharper then he did in his last fight, and looked just as brilliant as he did in the Canelo Alvarez fight.  Canelo in my opinion also only won 1 round (maybe 2), and Mayweather was brilliant against him.  Mayweather is now 49-0 (26 KO’s), and has tied Rocky Marcianos’ record.  After the fight, Mayweather said he’s done.  I do not believe this, because I think he was sending a subliminal message when he said, “records are made to be broken.”  I think Mayweather will fight again to become 50-0, and then and only then, can he claim to be TBE (the best ever).

Salido Gets Robbed

Who should be the WBO Junior Lightweight Champion?  Not Rocky Martinez, thats for sure.  Orlando Salido beat up Martinez over 12 rounds, and was absolutely robbed via decision.  Only 1 judge got it right, and that was Burt Clements (115-113) for Salido.  Glen Feldman scored it 114-114, and Ptrick Gormay scored it 115-113 for Martinez.  I scored the fight 116-112 for Salido, which was very accurate in my opinion.  I gave Salido rounds 1, 2, 5-8, and 12.  Marinez won 3,4,10, and 11 in my opinion.  This fight was an absolute war, just like their first fight, and the wrong man walked away with the title.

Jack VS Groves

George Groves was making his third attempt at a world title.  Would the third time be the charm?  No it would not!  After being knocked down in the first, Groves dug a hole for himself, but would bounce back nicely.  He fought like a champion, but would ultimately come up short.  he was out boxed by fellow Money Team fighter Badou Jack “The Ripper”.  Jack looked great in his first title defense, and they say you are not a true champ until u defend successfully.

Gonzalez VS Oquendo

Another chapter in the Puerto Rico VS Mexico rivalry is in the books.  Jonathan Oquendo defeated Jhonny Gonzalez via majority decision.  The final tallies were 94-94, 98-90, and 95-93 in favor of Oquendo.  This was a very interesting fight, as it was a chess match in the beginning.  Very strategic and careful were both fighters, as neither could afford to lose.  Unfortunately for Gonzalez, Oquendo was the better man on Saturday night.


  1. Earl says:

    Great unbiased commentary on the 9/12 fight cards. Insightful and well written without the uneducated rants you get on other sites.


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