What was thought to be by far Golovkins’ toughest opponent to date, ended up just like every other Golovkin fight.  With a knockout!!!  Although David Lemieux (34-3, 31 KO’s) did land a few hard shots to GGG’s face, he was no match for the much superior boxing skills of Gennady Golovkin (34-0, 31 KO’s).

Golovkin started off slower then usual, giving total respect to Lemieux’s power, he would pick it up in the middle rounds.  GGG started off with the jab, which knocked Lemieux totally off his game plan, not to mention, knocked his head back repeatedly.  Golovkin would end up beating his own record of jabs thrown in this fight, and could have won it with his jab alone.  But GGG being who he is, wanted a big “drama show”, and to deliver the knockout, which he later would.

In the fifth round, David Lemieux would land a hard right hand to Golovkins’ head, and GGG would make him pay for it.  It lit a fire under Golovkin, and he would proceed to drop David Lemieux with a vicious left hook to the body.  Lemieux would take a knee, and Golovkin would hit him with a right to the head.  It could have gotten GGG disqualified, as Lemieux was already down, but there was no intent there.  He was still in the motion of throwing a combination.

Feeling a sense of urgency, Lemieux would let his hands go in round 6, but the end would soon be near.  Lemieux would land a few more good shot, but in the 8th, the Golovkin assault would continue.  Golovkin would work the body in the 8th, and eventually hurt Lemieux badly with a big shot.  The referee would notice Lemieux wincing in pain from the body work, and after a few more punched thrown, he would call a halt to the fight.  It goes down as the 21st KO in a row for Golovkin, as he takes down a fierce puncher in David Lemieux.  Golovkin improves to 34-0, and wants the winner of Cotto vs Canelo.

Roman Gonzalez (44-0, 38 KO’s) was very impressive in his victory against Brian Viloria (36-5, 22 KO’).  His constant pressure, and barrage of punches, combined with his tremendous defensive capabilities, was ultimately too much to handle for Viloria.  Gonzalez would TKO Viloria in the 9th rounds, and further establish himself as the #1 Pound For Pound fighter.  Tureano Johnson also defeated Emmon O’Kane via unanimous decision, and hard hitting heavyweight Luis Ortiz defeated Matias Vidondo via KO in the 3rd round.


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