Timothy Bradley called Teddy Atlas after his fight with Jesse Vargas and asked him for advice.  Atlas asked Bradley one question.  “Do you know why you got hit like that?”  Bradley didn’t have much of a response for that question, so Atlas told him the answer.  He said, “Vargas was setting you up for that punch throughout the fight”.  Bradley was shocked at that statement, because his trainer Joel Diaz did not tell him that.  And just like that, their relationship was over.  A few weeks later, Bradley placed another call to Teddy Atlas with a different question.  The question was, “will you train me?”  After years of saying he was done as a trainer, Atlas would ultimately accept Bradley’s invitation.

Timothy Bradley is a very skilled boxer, who for some reason just can’t get away from his over zealous brawling ways.  That would all change on Saturday night when Teddy Atlas would create “the controlled monster”.  Bradley has had enormous success in his career under trainer Joel Diaz, but it was time for a change, and it was evident from round 1 that Teddy Atlas would have a huge impact on Bradley’s mentality.  Bradley came out behind the jab, throwing 3 to 4 at a time, which would open up Rios down low for thudding body shots.  Rios would try to get inside and make Bradley brawl with him, but Bradley would get the better of it, and then quickly step back to the outside.

Brandon Rios looked like he had absolutely no answer for Bradely’s new style of fighting, as he probably prepared for a brawl instead of a boxing match.  Bradley would continue to throw lightning quick combinations from a distance that Rios was not comfortable with for the rest of the fight.  In between rounds, you could tell that whatever Atlas would say to Bradley, had a huge impact on him.  The level of respect that Bradley has for Atlas was evident and written all over his face.  It looked like a little boy listening to his father, while he taught him a sport for the very first time.  It was amazing and priceless.

Teddy’s advice and speeches between rounds would pay huge dividends, because in the 9th round, Bradley would put Rios down.  The first knockdown would come with Bradley ripping 3 body shots to Rios, followed by and uppercut.  Simply beautiful combinations.  Referee Tony Weeks would give Rios a chance, but Bradley would come back at him with a flurry of 3 more well placed body shots, that would put Rios down for good.  Tim Bradley would end up landing 254 of 570 punches (45%), while Rios would only land 81 of 454 (18%).  Bradley also landed 174 of 325 power shots (54%), while Rios would land 67 of 362 (19%).  So are Atlas and Bradley the perfect marriage in the boxing world?  Only time will tell, but it sure does look like it.

Lomachenko Is A Superstar Waiting To Happen

The greatest amateur fighter ever is proving that he will soon be one of the best professional fighters.  Vasyl Lomachenko was
showcasing his incredible skills and stunning accuracy on saturday night against Romulo Koasicha.  Lomachenko would even score two 10-8 rounds without a knockdown because the fight was so one sided.  The 7th round was one of the 10-8 rounds as
Lomachenko landed 56 of 91 while Koasicha landed 6 of 53.  In the 10th round, Lomachenko would put Koasicha down with a body shot, and Koasicha would not answer the 10 count.  Lomachenko would end up landing 334 of 717 (47%), which included 213 of 334 power shots (64%).  Koasicha would end with 75 of 607 (12%), with 55 of 346 power shots (16%).  With those kind of lopsided numbers, anyone in the sport would go down.


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