In a shocking turn of events, the WBC has stripped Miguel Cotto of his 160 pound title belt. the move was reported yesterday, after Cotto failed to pay the $300,000 sanctioning fee which was agreed upon after he won the belt from former champion, Sergio Martinez.  This is not good news for #1 WBC contender Gennady Glolovkin.  “GGG” was paid $800,000 to step aside so that Cotto and Alvarez could fight each other first.  The WBC Middleweight title is now vacant, and if Cotto wins the fight, he can not win it back.  Canelo Alvarez on the other hand can win the now vacant title if he wins the fight on Saturday, since he was supposed to fight for it anyway, and the champion was stripped the same week of the fight.  Cotto is still TheRing Middleweight champion, so that belt will still be on the line for the winner to take home.

If Miguel Cotto wins this fight, he technically will not have to fight the WBC mandatory contender Gennady Glolovkin, given that he is no longer the WBC middleweight champion.  One must wonder if this move was done on purpose, to avoid fighting the middleweight monster “GGG”.  On the other hand, if Alvarez defeats Cotto this Saturday, he will take the WBC title, and Glolovkin would be his mandatory contender.


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