Did Cotto Get Stripped On Purpose To Avoid Gennady Glolovkin?

Posted: November 19, 2015 in Personal Thoughts
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Being the huge Miguel Cotto fan that I am, it pains me dearly to ask this question, but it must be asked.  Did Miguel Cotto purposely not pay his sanctioning fee, so that he would be stripped of his WBC middleweight title to avoid fighting Gennady Glolovkin?  The amount that he had to pay was $300,000, and sanctioning fees are quite common before or after title bouts.  Cotto reportedly already paid Glolovkin $800,000 as a sort of “step aside payment” to avoid his mandatory fight and go up against Canelo first instead of “GGG”.  So the facts being as they are, I have come to the unfortunate conclusion, that Miguel Cotto wants no part of Gennady Glolovkin.  Am I surprised?  Not really.  Glolovkin is the most feared man in boxing today!

Should Cotto win against Canelo on Saturday night, he cannot regain the WBC middleweight title.  Gennady Glolovkin is the #1 WBC middleweight contender (and also the interim WBC champion), therefore since Cotto is no longer the WBC champion, he would not have too face Glolovkin next.  Smart move by all means, but as a fan I am very upset.  The WBC strap will on the other hand still be on the line for Canelo, should he win on Saturday, so a Canelo VS Glolovkin fight would be much more likely then the alternative.

With that being said, even though I really am a huge fan of Miguel Cotto, sadly I will be rooting for Canelo Alvarez to win on Saturday night.  If Canelo wins, he will become the WBC middleweight champion, and therefore Gennady Glolovkin would become his mandatory contender.  I think the styles of Glolovkin and Alvarez would match up slightly better then Cotto’s style anyway, so even though I would love to see Cotto VS “GGG”, the mega fight will have to be Glolovkin VS Canelo.  I will not complain about that!!!


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