Quillin Gets Demolished In The First Round

Posted: December 7, 2015 in Boxing Results
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On the biggest night of Daniel Jacobs’ and Peter Quillins’ careers, both men were out to prove that they are among the top fighters of the middleweight division.  Well, two things were proven last night.  The first being, Daniel Jacobs is no joke, and as tough as they come.  Peter Quillin proved something as well.  He has a bum chin.

The tensions were high.  At stake, the WBA middleweight title of the world, Brooklyn bragging rights, and of course, elite status in the middleweight division.  Well, it didn’t last long.  Halfway through the first round, Daniel Jacobs fainted a left hook, which made Quillin drop his hands, and he got nailed with a hard straight right hand.  Jacobs, realizing he had Quillin hurt early, went in for the kill.  He saw the opportunity to put Quillin away, but at the same time, had to be careful not to punch himself out, incase Quillin made it through the round.  He would not.  Jacobs nailed Quillin with a huge right hand, right on the temple, and despite not going down, Quillin was badly hurt.  He had that “far away” look in his eyes, and all that was left, was for the referee to notice.  As soon as he did, he would call a halt to the contest, with no protest from Quillin at all.  Daniel Jacobs gets the TKO victory, and holds on to his title, while moving up in the ranks of the middleweight division.


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