The Heavyweight division is getting more and more exciting by the minute.  Except of course the Klitschko VS Fury fight, which was unfortunately a real snore.  With the likes of Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua on the rise, there is plenty to look forward to in the previously boring division.  The division need young and athletic heavyweights, and lately that is exactly what we are getting.  Luis Ortiz (24-0, 21 KO’s) and Bryant Jennings (19-2, 10 KO’s) did not disappoint.  The two squared of this past Saturday night in Verona NY, and put on quite a show, with Ortiz ultimately getting the better of Jennings.

In the first round, Ortiz had Jennings badly hurt, and looked like he was going to try to finish him off early.  Jennings made it to the bell and out of the round, and had a chance to recover in the corner.  Jennings would clear his head and come out strong in the second, outboxing Ortiz and taking the round.  They would flip flop the 3rd and 4th, with Ortiz badly sunning Jennings again in the 3rd.  Jennings would outbox Ortiz again in the 4th.

In the middle rounds, it would turn into a tremendous inside fight, with both fighters landing big shots on each other.  Jennings would try to neutralize Ortiz’ great power from the outside, by smothering him on the inside.  It would have worked beautifully if Jennings was more careful, but in the 7th round, Ortiz would take over again.  He hit Jennings with a right lead uppercut, and would proceed to load up with 2 left uppercuts that would put Jennings down.  Jennings would beat the count, but was badly hurt.  Ortiz then hit Jennings with a right hook straight left combination, and the fight had to be stopped.  Jennings mind knew exactly what was happening, but his body was on dream street.  Well aware that the fight was being stopped, Jennings cried out in disappointment (in himself), and Luis Ortiz got the TKO victory.

Walters Gets Axed

After winning every round except the last Nicholas “Axe Man” Walters got axed.  Jorge Sosa ended up being a formidable opponent, but in no way shape or form did he win this fight, as one judge says he did.  So one judge has the fight a draw, the second had Sosa winning, and the third had Walters winning.  This fight was fairly easy to score and the final should have been 99-91 on all three score cards.  Have we witnessed another screw job in boxing, or were the judges simply incompetent?


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