With the year 2015 winding down with only a few days left to go, all the major boxing events have come and gone.  Floyd Mayweather VS Manny Pacquiao, if nothing else, was the biggest financial sporting event of all time.  Gennady Glolovkin reiterated the fact that he is a beast, by delivering 3 more knockout victories over Martin Murray, Willie Monroe Jr, and David Lemieux.  Wladimir Klitschko AKA the devil worshiper (according to Tyson Fury), lost 5 world titles and lost himself in the process.  Cotto VS Canelo proved to be exactly what it was hyped up to be, a great fight, with Canelo becoming the new Middleweight champion.

2016 will start off with a bang.  Deontay Wilder will make his NYC debut, when he puts up his WBC world heavyweight title against the hard hitting Artur Szpilka.  Wilder is the first undefeated American Heavyweight Champion in over a decade, and he will try to make good on his promise to win every belt, and unify the division.  Wilder is 35-0 with 34 KO victories, and is without a doubt, the main reason for the resurgence of the lowly heavyweight division.  Wilder is not the only exciting young heavyweight on the come up though.  Great Britains’ Anthony Joshua has made a splash in the division as well.  He is also a young and super athletic heavyweight.  And of course who can forget about Luis Ortiz.  Ortiz made a name for himself with knockouts.  His most recent victim being Bryant Jennings, who was a top 5 heavyweight himself.  Tyson Fury totally flipped the division upside down, when he defeated and de-throwned Dr Steelhammer himself, Wladimir Klitschko.  Fury, although not the most aesthetically pleasing fighter, is an imposing force in his own right.  Standing at 6′ 9″, he is the second tallest world heavyweight champion ever, on behind Nicolay Valuev.  The Heavyweight division is not the only thing to look forward to in 2016.  There are a lot of fight possibilities, that will make the new year very interesting.

With Floyd “Money” Mayweather now retired (supposedly), Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez has taken over the top spot on most pound for pound lists.  What can we say about Gonzalez?  We can simply say, the sky is the limit.  Gonzalez is 44-0, and there doesn’t seem to be anyone that can stop him.  He has brought relevance to the lower weight classes, that have not gotten any attention in a very long time.  With a potential rematch looming between himself and Juan Francisco Estrada, 2016 seems to be an exciting year for the young star form Nicaragua.

Sergey Kovalev is looking to have a big year as well, and he will most definitely deliver a big year for the casual and hardcore boxing fan.  He will start the year off by having a rematch with Jean Pascal on January 30th.  If you didn’t enjoy their first fight, you are simply crazy.  The rematch will deliver even more fireworks then the first fight, if thats even possible.  And of course, what Adonis Stevenson will not do, Andre Ward apparently will.  Ward has mover up to the Light Heavyweight division, and he and Kovalev have agreed to fight each other in the second half of 2016.  That will be a great fight as well.

Other great fights looming in the new year will be Keith Thurman VS Shawn Porter.  This one is very interesting because its power VS power.  It hard to call this one, but I will say this.  The man with the bigger brain will win this one.  And of course another one we have to look forward to, is the never ending saga between Amir Khan and Kell Brook.  If, and its a big if, this fight happens, Khan and Brook would square off somewhere in the second half of the year, and duke it out for Englands bragging rights.  Hopefully we can finally find out who is Britains’ top welterweight.

Last but not least, which is probably going to be 2016’s main attraction, Canelo VS Glolovkin.  This is a monster fight that needs to happen, and will be even more interesting then Cotto VS Canelo was.  Gennady Golovkin is now Canelo’s mandatory contender, and looking to unify the middleweight division.  Canelo has proven that he can adjust to almost any kind of fighter (except Mayweather), and brings exceptional power and boxing skills to the ring.  Golovkin is simply a beast.  I truly believe there is not a man in this world that can defeat him.  He is simply too smart, and too powerful.  This is a blockbuster event that will define the year 2016, and it needs to happen sooner rather then later.



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