Last night, after the one sided beating of Jean Pascal, Andre Ward was interviewed about his potential showdown with Sergey Kovalev.  The rumors have been swirling that Ward moved up to Light Heavyweight, primarily to get bigger fights, which included a showdown with Kovalev. There are even rumors that Ward and Kovalev have already agreed to fight each other somewhere down the road.

Ward confirmed last night that all those rumors were true.  He even made the statement, “It when, not if”.  Those were Andre Ward’s exact words in regards to fighting Sergey Kovalev.   Ward has beaten everyone that matters in the Super Middleweight division (which includes the super 6 tournament where he defeated Arthur Abraham, Carl Froch, and Mikkel Kessler), and moved up to Light Heavyweight for big fights.  Ward will fight Sullivan Berrera in March, and maybe one more tune up, before taking on Kovalev in late 2016 or early 2017.  Ward poses the biggest threat to Kovalev, because Kovalev has never faced a boxer and technically sound as Ward.  But few have.  There is no better boxer in the division then Andre Ward, but only time will tell if technique or power will be more superior.


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