Showtime also had an interesting day on Saturday, when Leo Santa Cruz (32-0-1, 18 KO’s) defeated Kiko Martinez (35-7, 26 KO’s) with a TKO in the fifth round.  If you wanted to see a slug fest, you tuned into the right network.  In what was only a 5 round fight, both guys combined to throw over 1000 punches.  Martinez got tagged with a right hand early in the first round and went down, but would get up to fight some more.  Later in the first, after 60 seconds of all out brawling, Martinez would get dropped again with a vicious right hand.  Santa Cruz would end up throwing 140 punches in the first round, and landing some hellacious shots.

Martinez was game, and would have some success in this fight though.  In the second round, Martinez would battle back, hitting Santa Cruz with a couple of hard shots.  He would be able to get inside and have a good second round, even getting Santa Cruz trapped on the ropes.  Santa Cruz would ultimately her Martinez with great combinations in a very close second round.  Martinez would actually out punch Santa Cruz in the second, as he threw 108 punches.  Martinez would continue to back Santa Cruz down, but Santa Cruz would adjust and box well on his back foot.  Round 3 would be close inside fight, with both guys landing huge shots.  Martinez would dictate the pace in round 3, making Santa Cruz fight his fight, but Leo would land the harder and more effective punches.

In the 4th, Martinez would continue to come forward, vowing that he would shock the world, and Santa Cruz for the most part, had to fight while backing up.  In the 5th, Martinez would continue to come forward, but was being countered effectively by Santa Cruz.  Santa Cruz would put together some nice combinations that put Martinez in to the corner, and then he began to tee off.  After a huge flurry in the corner, Martinez would stop throwing back, and the referee would step in to stop the fight.  Santa Cruz successfully defends his 126 pound title, and stays undefeated.

In the co-feature, which didn’t last long, it was a rematch between Julio Ceja and Hugo Ruiz.  Ceja defeated Ruiz with a KO the first time around, and now it was payback time.  In the first 15 seconds of the fight, Ruiz nailed Ceja with a huge right hand that put him down.  Ceja appeared to hurt his ankle on the way down, and when he got up, he got clobbered some more.  The referee stopped the fight in the first round, and Ceja would end up being carried out on a stretcher.

Frampton Defeats Quigg

Showtime Boxing International was in full effect early in the day on Saturday, with a title unification fight between Carl Frampton and Scot Quigg.  Frampton was defending his IBF title, while Quigg was defending his WBA title.  In what turned out to be a snooze fest through the first 7 rounds, would finally produce some fireworks in the end.  High tensions were running in this fight, because both guys had everything to lose.  They were both champions, and both undefeated.  While  Quigg was thought to have the bigger punching power, the superior boxing skills of Carl Frampton, would take over in the end.  Both fighters were reluctant to pull the trigger in the first half of the fight, with the fear of making a mistake and the other guy capitalizing. Unlike Quigg, Frampton would finally let his hands go at the end of the fight, and ultimately win on the scorecards.  Carl Frampton stays undefeated, and takes home the IBF and WBA Super bantamweight titles.


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