Last night on HBO Boxing, Andre Ward (29-0, 15 KO’s) defeated Sullivan (17-1, 12 KO’s) Barrera via unanimous decision.  On the undercard, Joseph Diaz defeated Jayson Velez also via unanimous decision.  Ward started off fighting very flat footed, trying to generate more power and impress at the Light Heavyweight division, which he had just moved up to.  He was also trying to impress, because Mr Sergey Kovalev just happened to be sitting in the crowd.  Coincidence???  I think not, as Kovalev will probably be Ward’s next opponent.

Andre Ward was very active with the left hand early, utilizing his jab and throwing the left hook quite often.  The first round was a feel out, and then in the second, Ward would start landing more significant shots.  In the third round, Barrera would try to get in a bit closer, and close the gap to make it an inside fight, and for his troubles, he got caught with a perfectly timed shot, right when he was off balance, and it sent him down to the canvas.  The punch did not have that much mustard on it as it initially seemed, but that is the brilliance of Andre Ward.  He threw the right punch at the perfect time, and it sent his opponent down.

Barrera would get up and recover, because he wasn’t really hurt, but that knockdown put him way behind on points very early.  Ward would get a point deducted later on for a completely unintentional low blow, but still win the round.  So technically there was a 9-9 round recorded.  Barrera had no answer for the rest of the fight, because of Andre’s brilliance in the ring, and at times Barrera’s punches weren’t even coming close to landing.  Barrera would win the 11th round, but thats all he would win in the entire fight.  Ward stays undefeated, as Barrera takes his first loss, and looks to the future for his potential showdown with Sergey Kovalev.


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