Billy Joe Saunders Blowing Smoke Again; Says He Wants Golovkin On Klitschko VS Fury Undercard

Posted: March 29, 2016 in Breaking News, Personal Thoughts
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Billy Joe Saunders is in the boxing news again, after he claims that he would fight Gennady Glolovkin on the Klitschko VS Fury 2 undercard.  Saunders blew off Glovkins’ talent completely, saying that the key to victory against the Kazak destroyer, is to hit and not get hit.  Like thats some easy task against a guy that owns the middleweight division, and is rated in the top 5 on most pound for pound lists.  Saunders went a step further, and basically said that Golovkin fights nobody’s and would be and easy task for the Englishman.  Saunders has only fought 2 good fighters in his career, the first being Chris Eubank Jr, where (Saunders) got a highly controversial split decision victory, which many thought he actually lost.  The second was Andy Lee.  Andy Lee has all the power in the world, but only in his right hook.  His left hand is essentially useless, and most fights that he wins by KO, he is actually losing on the scorecards.  So if a fighter is able to avoid Lee’s right hook, essentially he has the fight won.

Saunders has said over and over, that he would indeed fight Gennady Golovkin for the right price.  Well Golovkin wanted to unify the titles so badly a few months ago, that he went as far as offering Saunders 4 million dollars to fight him.  That is a whopping number for a fighter in the stage of his career that Saunders is in.  Is Saunders talented?  Without a doubt he is.  Does he deserve 4 million dollars?  No he does not!  Maybe in the future he will, once he becomes more of a household name, but at this point in time, it is a ridiculous number.  Saunders is a very skilled boxer, and has a high ring IQ, but being that he fights in the division that he does (Middleweight), he is just a place holder for someone to take his title.  Whether it be Golovkin, or someone like a Daniel Jacobs, Saunders simply does not have the power punching ability to hang with those guys.

Point number 2 would be this.  Golovkin is way past the point of fighting on someone else’s undercard.  GGG is the main event!  Saunders simply “wants” the fight on the Klitschko Fury card to get more exposure and potentially and even higher pay day.  If these two fight, which in my mind is highly unlikely, Golovkin would be the main event, and would completely railroad Saunders.  Not to take away anything from Saunders, because he is a good fighter, but Golovkin is superior to him in every way.  He has more power, he exhibits better ring generalship, and the argument can be made that he is also a better pure boxer then Saunders.

Saunders has a fight coming up on April 30th against Max Bursak.  Who?  Exactly!  Bursak has become sort of a journeyman, and every time they put a good opponent in with him, he has gotten destroyed.  Two examples would be Hassan N’Dam, and Martin Murray.  Golovkin is fighting on April 23rd, so the timeline is right, and technically it would be easy to make a fight between GGG and Saunders, purely based on timeline.  It remains to be seen if it will actually happen, but the outcome would be pretty obvious if you ask me.


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