The once highly touted prospect and the air-apparent to Floyd Mayweather’s throne, Adrien “The Problem” Broner (31-2, 23 KO’s), became just that.  A problem!  Broner was once upon a time most known for his lightning fast hands, Ring IQ, outspoken personality, and tremendous defensive capabilities.  He was the guy that everyone loved to hate, but had to respect.  He forced people to be his fans, and none of us could help it.  I remember sitting in front of the TV watching his antics and saying “Im never gonna like this guy”.  But time and time again, I would find myself tuning in to watch his brilliance in the ring.  Those days have passed unfortunately, and he is now most know for his cockiness, his bad mouth, his complete and utter disrespect for other fighters, and of course his ongoing troubles with the law.

Adrien Broner made his professional boxing debut as a super featherweight on May 31st of 2008, when he defeated Allante Davis via first round knockout.  Broner looked untouchable for his next 24 fights, going undefeated and building his record to 25-0 (22KO’s).  He even fought better opposition the most prospects do in their first 25 fights.  He defeated Daniel Ponce De Leon in his 20th fight, and then Vicente Rodriguez in just his 22nd fight to capture his first world title.  In his 25th fight, and his lightweight debut, Broner knocked out Antonio DeMarco to capture the WBC lightweight title, and become a 2 division champion.  Broner was simply to good for his own good.  He was already a bit arrogant, and all this winning did not help.  And thats when Adrien Broner became “AB” (about billions).

So where did it all go wrong?  To me, it was right after he won the title from DeMarco.  For some people, too much fame and praise at an early age, is not a good thing.  Broner would make his first title defense against an Englishman by the name of Gavin Rees.  This to me is where all the problems started.  Although Broner would eventually KO Rees and successfully defend his title, Rees did give him fits in the early going.  Broner’s fame went to his head.  He really thought he was above everyone.  He even went as far as to admit that he does not need to watch film on his opponents during training, because he’s better then them and he doesn’t need to.  Rees, before getting knocked out, did get his licks in on Broner, but in the end, he was highly overmatched.

Broner, struggling to make weight, would move up again to junior welterweight, where he would face Paulie Mallignaggi in his debut.  Broner was awarded the split decision victory, but many believe that he lost.  Again, he underestimated his opponent, and Mallignaggi exposed him.  Broner is not a high volume puncher, and Paulie showed that all you need to do is out work him.  Broner thinks he can coast on his pure boxing ability and superb counter punching skills, but when you step up the level of competition, you have to step up the level in which you prepare a the fight.  Broner apparently thinks he is above that. Little did he know that Marcos Maidana was watching closely, and just waiting for his big break.

At around this time, Adrien Broner started thinking of himself as the next Floyd Mayweather.  And why not?  He had all the talent in the world, an undefeated record, huge paydays, and Floyd’s praise.  Mayweather would even bet on his fights, putting his money down on his “little brother”, as he would call him.  Little did Adrien know, that Marcos Maidana had other plans for him.  Maidana came into their fight extremely well prepared, and stuck to his game plan.  Broner did not.  Broner of course started the fight playfully as he always does, and he even side stepped the slower Maidana, and humped him from behind.  Maidana was relentless though, as he dropped Broner several times in the fight, and would just not let up.  To mine and everyone else’s shock, Maidana would end up besting Broner on the scorecards,  cruising to a unanimous decision victory, and taking AB’s title.  Now you are in a pickle.  How can you be the next Floyd Mayweather, with a loss on your record?  This shattered Broners confidence going forward.  What Broner should have done form the beginning, was not trying to be the next Floyd Mayweahter, and trying to be the first Adrien Broner.

At this point, Mayweather was not happy with his young protege, and their relationship fell into a rut.  Whether or not Broner will ever admit this remains to be seen, but it had to scar him emotionally, to not have the support of his mentor anymore.  Trying to get back on track, Broner took some easy fights against Carlos Molina, Emmanuel Taylor, and John Molina.  These were taylor made opponents for Broner’s style, and he beat them all respectively.  Broner would then take another crack at a big fight, again coming in ill prepared. And guess what?  He would lose to Shawn Porter.  Somehow after that, he was thrown into a vacant title fight against a guy I never heard of.  Broner keeps getting opportunities, and he just keeps blowing them.

After posting a video of all his automatic weapons, Broner would find himself in trouble with the law again.  For those who don’t know, possession of automatic weapons is highly illegal.  I’m not quite sure how he got himself out of that one, but somehow he did.  Months later, Broner started posting videos of himself in supermarkets, throwing thousands of dollars to the ground while walking through them.  That’s money he will desperately need, after he retires and goes broke.

The latest incident in the AB saga was very recent.  Broner was involved in an altercation outside of a Cincinnati bowling alley, after a high-stakes bowling match that Broner was a part of.  Broner allegedly assaulted and robbed a man after the bowling match.  Apparently 2 guys started arguing over money, and one pulled a gun.  He then punched the other man twice, knocked him down, and took $12,000 from him.  The police have issued a warrant for Broner’s arrest, but he is not yet in custody.  Broner has a fight this Friday against Ashley Theophane (a Mayweather fighter).  As of now, the fight is still on, but whats next for AB?  Could be jail time, and definitely not billions.


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