Broner Can’t Make Weight, Will Surrender To Authorities On Monday

Posted: April 1, 2016 in Breaking News
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Adrien Broner has failed to make weight for his fight tomorrow night against Ashley Theophane.  Broner came in at 140.4 pounds, which is 0.4 pounds over the junior welterweight limit.  Broner refused to go back and shed the half pound to make weight, and will have to pay Ashely Theophane $50,000 for being overweight.  That is a headscrather, because Broner was given 2 hours to lose a half of a pound.  It would have saved hime 50k.  Also because he didn’t make the weight, Adrien Broner was stripped of the WBA Junior Welterweight title.  Theophane can still win the title if he wins the fight, but Broner cannot.

Broner will also reportedly be surrendering to authorities on Monday, 3 days after the Theophane fight for his involvement in a robbery and assault case.  The official word is that Broner has warrants out for is arrest for aggravated robbery and felony assault, and will be turning himself in to the police.  Broner’s bail will supposedly be set ao $100,000.  The warrants were issued on March 22nd, for an incident that happened on January 21st, outside of a Cincinnati bowling alley.


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