The latest screw job in boxing took place this past Saturday night at the DC Armory on ShowTime Championship Boxing, when Badou Jack (20-1-2, 12 KO’s) and Lucian Bute (32-3-1, 25 KO’s) fought to a majority draw.  The final tallies were as follows; judge Stephen Rados had the fight at 117-111 in favor of Jack, which was the correct score, and judges Glen Crocker & Omar Mintun Sr had the fight at 114-114, which was absolutely wrong in my opinion.  The ShowTime unofficial scorer (Steve Farhood) had the fight at 116-112 in favor of Badou Jack “The Ripper”, which was my score as well.

In the first round, Bute came out strong, knowing that Jack is a slow starter.  Jack would take over in the second round though, hammering Bute to the body.  In fact, at the end of 2 rounds, Jack landed 14 body shots to Bute’s 2.  In the 4th round, Bute had a few moments with a couple of nice counter shots, but Jack stayed committed to the body, and at the end of 4, he outlander Bute 40 to 7 (body shots).  After landing a huge overhand left from a southpaw stance (something Jack never does) in the 5th round, Jack started loading up and landing hard shots on Bute’s face, to go along with a tight defense.

In the 9th round, Bute would wake up a little and start throwing a lot more punches, but they were mostly being blocked, and Jack would hit him with some very nice counter left hooks.  But would have his best round in the 10th as Jack seemed to tire a bit, and he threw and landed more shots.  The 11th and 12th rounds were more of the same, as Bute was unloading and going for the KO, which we all thought he needed to win the fight.  Bute won the last 3 rounds and the 3rd round, but that was it!!!  Badou Jack outlanded Bute by a 100 punches.  Jack would end up landing 278/703 (40%), while Bute landed 179/857 (28%).  How was this fight a draw?  Badou Jack retains the title though, and will move on to unify with James DeGale, possibly in September.

DeGale Defeats Medina

James DeGale (23-1, 14 KO’s) defeated “Porky” Medina on Saturday night, but definitely underestimated him.  Medina is a volume puncher.  That was his strategy, and boy did he stick to it.  Medina threw 110 pushes in the second round.  In the 3rd, DeGale began to unload, staying in the middle of the ring, where he needed to be.  Medina let his hands go again in the 5th, throwing 102 punches, but DeGale would steal the round in the last 45 seconds, something that he did over and over in this fight.  Was that the strategy?  Get Medina tired and steal rounds?  If so, it worked, as he did it all night.

The 6th was more of the same, it was all Medina until the last minute where DeGale got busy again and stole the round.  In the 8th, DeGale took over with lighting quick combinations, and his lead uppercut that he was throwing from great distance and somehow landing.  DeGale starting sticking his tongue out at Medina between rounds to taunt him, and maybe got into his head a bit.  After the 11th, where DeGale threw almost no punches, he stuck his tongue out once more, and Medina actually spit on him after the round.  The 12th was an all out war, with both fighters swinging for the fences, but DeGale would get the better of it.  DeGale ends up landing 314/612, while Medina ends up landing 265/1140.  The final tallies were as follows; Steve Gray had is 116-112 for DeGale, John Madfis had it 115-113 for DeGale, and Tony Paolillo had it 117-111 for DeGale.  I had the fight 115-113 for DeGale, and this fight looked more likely to be called a draw then the Jack VS Bute fight!!!



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