Well, Gennady Golovkin (35-0, 32 KO’s) has finally caved, telling ESPN’s Steven A Smith that he would come down to 155 pounds for a megafight that he more then deserves.  The only thing is, its not to fight who you think.  According to Steven A Smith, who claims to be close to Golovkin, and has spoken to him a lot lately, GGG told him that he would come down to 155 pound, but only to fight Floyd “Money” Mayweather (49-0, 26 KO’s).  With Floyd recently hinting a comeback last Saturday night on the Jack VS Bute card, it poses an interesting scenario.  Mayweather went on to say that he would possibly come back to ShowTime for 1 more fight.  His demands were a 9 figure payday, and a championship fight.  Against a huge name like Golovkin, who is currently ranked #3 on TheRing Magazine’s pound-for-pound list, a 9 figure payday would probably be very easy to cone by.  Golovkin is also the IBF & WBA Middleweight champion, so if it happened, it would be a championship fight.  Is Floyd hinting at a potential showdown with Golovkin to try for win #50?

I highly doubt that Mayweather would take the risk of fighting GGG, who is arguably the best fighter in the world though.  When Mayweather won the Junior Middleweight title from Oscar De La Hoya, he was barely able to bulk up to 154 pounds.  Mayweather has spent most of his career at Welterweight (147 pounds), so I highly doubt Mayweather would take the risk of fighting someone with tremendous skills and that much bigger then him.  One thing GGG said he would definitely not do, is drop to 155 pounds to fight Canelo Alvarez (46-1-1, 32 KO’s), who is the Lineal/TheRing/WBC Middleweight champion.  Canelo has created his own division, and Golovkin is not down with that.  Golovkin emphatically stated that Canelo is the Middleweight Champion.  He should fight at 160 pounds, which is the limit for Middleweights.  Canelo has been ordered by the WBC to fight Golovkin by the end of this year, or he will be stripped of the WBC Middleweight title.  All signs point to that happening, because i highly doubt Alvarez wants any pert of GGG!!!



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