Just moments ago, in a not so shocking turn of events, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (47-1-1, 32 KO’s) has vacated the WBC World Middleweight Championship.  This comes two weeks after Alvarez yelled in the ring after his fight with Amir Khan, saying “We don’t f*** around.  I’ll put the gloves back on and fight him (Golovkin) right now”!!!  Well apparently, another dark cloud has come over that potential mega fight, when Canelo decided to give the belt up without a fight.  Gennady Golovkin (35-0, 32 KO’s) is the current interim WBC Middleweight champion, and since Canelo just vacated the title, by rule Golovkin becomes the WBC Middleweight Champion.  So the end result is basically, the belt will now change hands, but without the mega fight that boxing fans have been salivating over the past year and change.  Golovkin is well on the way to his dream of being the undisputed middleweight champion and holding all the bells, as he now holds the WBA/IBF and now apparently the WBC middleweight crowns, with only the WBO left to go that is currently around the waist of Billy Joe Saunders.

Canelo Alvarez said he will vacate the WBC title in order to have more time to negotiate the fight against Golovkin.  It is very strange that Alvarez wouldn’t ask the WBC and their president Mauricio Sulaiman for an extension in the fight negotiations.  This is the fight that everyone wants to see, and he surely would have gotten the extention had he asked for if.  Outside of Ward VS Kovalev, this is the biggest fight that can be made at the moment, and might even be bigger then Ward VS Kovalev.  Another strange factor in this equation, is that Canelo had until May 24th to make this happen, and he vacated the title a week before.  This tells you that he has absolutely no intentions of getting in the ring with Gennady Golovkin.

If fight fans are disappointed in todays events, they certainly should be, but they should not be surprised.  This has happened before between these two, but it was kind of swept under the rug because Canelo is a fan favorite.  Just last November, when Alvarez defeated Miguel Cotto for the Lineal and WBC middleweight titles, Gennady Golovkin automatically became his Mandatory contender.  Alvarez paid Golovkin $800,000 to step aside as the mandatory, and he booked a PPV fight against Amir Khan, who we all know never really stood a chance.  As of right now, its looking very bleak that a mega fight between these two will happen, and to be completely honest, I was just waiting for this day to hear the bad news.  It is not surprising at all that this route was taken by Alvarez, but it sure is very sad.



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