Wladimir Klitschko will finally get the rematch that he has been waiting for.  His first loss in over 10 years to the loud mouth Tyson Fury, happened back in November of 2015, when Fury got the nod from all three judges for the unanimous decision victory.  The fight had to be postponed after Fury hurt his ankle in training camp, and has been moved to October 29th.  Fury should be more then 100% by that time.  Klitschko was upset by fury back in November of last year, after he barely threw any punches in the fight.  Fury won the fight strictly on the fact that he was the more busy fighter.

The rematch between these two heavyweights will take place at the Manchester Arena, in Manchester England.  It will be on Tyson Fury’s turf now that he hold the titles, and will air on HBO Boxing.  Fury will probably still be the underdog, as the first fight was most definitely a fluke win.  One can’t help but wonder why the fight was pushed back over 4 months for a simple ankle injury.  Probably because Tyson Fury was unbelievably about 40 pounds over the weight that his team is comfortable fighting at, just weeks before the rematch was supposed to originally take place.  If Fury losses now, he will have no excuses.



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