Image result for jim lampley the fight gameOn the last episode of “The Fight Game”, Jim Lampley slammed The Premier Boxing Champions series, and rightfully so, as he pretty much stated that the series, and promoter is preventing the biggest fights from happening.  he went on to say “despite the extraordinary accumulation of talent, and the seeming abundance of money, competitive fights like Leo Santa Cruz VS Abner Mares and Keith Thurman VS Shawn Porter, have been few and far in between.  For the most part, PBC stars have been given faint hearted match-ups, against lack luster opponents, followed by long lay-offs, with predictable results, in TV ratings and advertising sales.”  PBC has also announced that two prime time cards in December, have been dropped for now.  That goes along with 3 NBC Sports fight cards, also to be dropped.  There are no PBC fight cards scheduled as of now, for the remainder of 2016.

Is Jim Lampley correct in his statements against Premier Boxing Champions?  He most certainly is.  I wrote an article a while back about the PBC/Al Haymon problem, and it is proving to be true, if all the rest of the fight cards for 2016 have been dropped.  Except of Thurman VS Porter, and Santa Cruz VS Mares, every single other fight that has happened on PBC, has been totally predictable.  Hardcore boxing fans, and even some casual fans, could probably have told you the outcome of almost every fight on PBC before it even took place.  To go along with all that, the commercials kill the show.  Fans cannot see the in ring drama and pep talks that trainers give their fighters in between rounds, because prime time television must cut to commercial.

There are over 200 fighters that have bought into PBC, with huge names that include Leo Santa Cruz, Abner Mares, Keith Thurman, Shawn Porter, Danny Garcia, Deontay Wilder, Mikey Garcia, Adrien Broner, and the list goes on.  Santa Cruz, Mares, Thurman, and Porter are the only ones that have had meaningful and unpredictable fights.  Everything else aired, has been completely lopsided, and thus very boring.  This series (PBC), was created to bring the biggest fights to a main stream audience that does not have the luxury of HBO and Showtime, and it has failed miserably to do so.  Will Premier Boxing Champions last past next year?  My prediction is no.  They will probably schedule a few fights, cancel a few, and ultimately the series will just fade away.  It has also prevented so many mega fights, with the biggest being Sergey Kovalev VS Adonis Stevenson, and will continue to prevent many more, until it is canceled for good.  Unfortunately, PBC creator Al Haymon, only like to do business with himself, and for that reason, the mega fights that should have been, actually never happened.



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