Image result for lomachenko vs waltersOn Saturday night one of the best match ups of the year took place and it was not at all what we expected.  Vasyl “High Tech” Lomachenko (7-1, 5 KO’s) defeated Nicholas “Axe Man” Walters (26-1-1, 21 KO’s) by TKO in an extremely one sided affair.  Nicholas Walters was the absolute best available opponent for Vasyl Lomachenko, and Lomachenko breezed by him like he was nothing.  Lomachenko was a 7-1 favorite to win this fight, but no one in their right mind ever thought it would be that one sided.  Walters was predicted to give a bit of a fit to Lomachenko, because of his outstanding power for the weight class.  It was said that Lomachenko would have to be very careful in this fight.  That was not at all the case.  In the first round, Lomachenko was feeling out Walters and trying to find his range.  Once he did, it was over.

Round 1 was probably Walters best round, but it was by default, because neither man threw that many punches.  He would lose the round anyway.  Going forward, once Lomachenko found his range, it was target practice with Walters face being the bullseye.  Lomachenko kept his feet moving with his amazing footworks, and was side stepping and pound Walters at will.  By the fifth round, it almost looked as if Lomachenko was toying with Walters even though he wasn’t yet.  The fight became that one sided.  In the seventh round, Lomachenko completely dropped his hand almost as if he was inviting Walters to try and hit him with a clean shot.  That would not happen however, and Lomachenko nailed Walters in the corner.  From there he unleashed a combination, peppering Walters to the head and the body.  After the 7th round, Walters was asked by the referee if he wanted to continue, and he literally replied “No Mas!”  The fight ends on a technical knockout, and Lomachenko retains his WBO Super Featherweight Title.



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