Image result for frampton vs santa cruz 2Last night on ShowTime Championship Boxing, we witnessed a pair of dynamite fights.  in the co-featured bout of the evening, Mikey Garcia (36-0, 30 KO’s) made his ring return, in hopes of winning a championship in a third weight class.  Garcia is looking to climb back to the top of the sport after that 2 and a half year layoff, even publicly saying that he is the best boxer in the world today.  Last night, he took a major step in proving that point to the general public.  Garcia took on the WBC Lightweight champion, undefeated Dejan Vlaticanin (22-1, 15 KO’s).  The shorter Zlaticanin tired to bulls rush Garcia and wear him down with pressure, but to no affect.  Garcia’s superior boxing skills kept Zlaticanin at bay, while controlling the range of the fight.  In the 3rd round, Garcia hit Zlaticanin with a vicious uppercut that dazed him badly, and with his hands dropped and no idea wear he was, Garcia hit Zlaticanin with a huge right hand that put him down.  Zlaticanin was knocked out cold, and there was major concern after the fight.  Zlaticanin was dead weight and did not move for almost 5 min.  He would however eventually get up, with was a good sign.  Garcia’s concern for his opponent also really showed what a class act he really is, and he goes home with the WBC Lightweight title.

Image result for frampton vs santa cruz 2

In the main event, it was the long awaited rematch between Carl Frampton (23-1, 14 KO’s)  and Leo Santa Cruz (33-1-1, 18 KO’s).  Santa Cruz really showed what a versatile talent he really is, changing his game plan and style completely to adjust to Frampton’s counter punching ability.  In their first fight, Santa Cruz was his usual hyperactive wild self, and got countered all night long.  This time around, he stayed on the outside and very composed, using his jab more then we ever seen him.  Frampton obviously did not think that Santa Cruz was capable of fighting in thus style, and as a result, was very ill prepared. At the end of the fight, realizing he was obviously down on the score cards, Frampton had to sell out and risk getting hit, and start throwing bombs in hopes of getting a knock out win.  It was to no affect however, as Santa Cruz countered him effectively.  Santa Cruz escapes with a close win (even thought the judges had it a lot closer then it actually was), with the final scores of 114-114, 115-113, and 115-113.  He takes back the title he lost to Frampton, and hands him his first career loss, after Frampton did the same to him.


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