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One of the most anticipated fight cards of the year, turned out to be shockingly anticlimactic.  What we expected, and what we got, were two completely different things.  The most exciting fight of the evening was Roman Gonzalez (46-1, 38 KO’s) VS Srisaket Sor Rungvisai (42-4-1, 38 KO’s), which turned out to be a shocking upset, and in my opinion bad decision.  Sor Rungvisai put Chocolatito down in the first round on a flash knockdown, but Gonzalez wasn’t really hurt from it.  In the second round, one of many clashes of heads happened and it opened up a deep cut over the right eye of Chocolatito.  Blood kept gushing out from the eye for the rest of the fight, and was clearly bothering Gonzalez.  Gonzalez however, fought hard and in my estimation won the fight.

Gonzalez ended up throwing right around a 100 punches less then Sor Rungvisai, and landing around a 100 more, at a much higher percentage.  He also out landed Sor Rungvisai in nearly every round, even if not by much.  The final scores of the fight were 113-113 (draw), 114-112 (Sor Rungvisai), and 114-112 (Sor Rungvisai).  How is this possible you ask?  Well, its not the first questionable decision that Judge Julie Ledderman has been involved in.  Some of he betting odds of this fight went as high as -2000 in favor of Gonzalez.  This just had Vegas call written all over it.  Now without jumping to conclusions, at least 2 of the 3 judges could have potentially made a lot more on this fight that any fine they could potentially receive.

It’s heart breaking for Roman Gonzalez, because he loses 4 things now.  The first is his undesfted record.  He was just handed his first loss, and it came via extremely questionable decision.  The second thing he lost was his WBC Super Flyweight title.  He is now no longer a champion.  The third thing he lost, was his #1 spot on the Pound-For-Pound list.  And the 4th and most important thing that he will now lose, is public interest. Guys in weight classes that low, struggle to get fans on their back, because not many people care about 115 pound fighters.  Hopefully Gonzalez figures out how to get big fights after this travesty.



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