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This past Saturday night April 29th 2017, Anthony Joshua (19-0, 19 KO’s) defeated Wladimir Klitschko (64-5, 54 KO’s) via TKO in there 11th round.  Joshua successfully defended his IBF World Heavyweight title, and won the vacant WBAsuper World Heavyweight title, in the back and fourth fight.  In the first few rounds, Klitschko looked a bit gun shy, just like in the Tyson Fury fight, and in the 5th round, Joshua would put him down.

Anthony Joshua definitely punched himself out in the 5th, going for the kill, and i assume that when Klitschko went down, Joshua thought the fight was over.  As a result, he looked completely gassed in the 6th round, and at that point, Klitschko would land a monster right hand that would put AJ down for the first time in his career.  Joshua would get up, but would also take the next few rounds off completely.  At that point, Joshua looked lie he was going to let the fight slip away, because the scorecards were very close.

In the 11th round, Joshua would have a resurgence.  He landed a huge uppercut that snapped Wladimir’s head back.  How he didn’t go down on that one is beyond me.  He would however go down twice later in the round.  Joshua would trap Klitschko in the corner towards the end of the round and throw a garage of punches.  Klitschko was still hurt from the knockdowns, and was not throwing back, so the referee stopped the fight.  It goes down as a TKO11 victory for Anthony Joshua.



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