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This Saturday night will be an interesting one for the boxing world as Adrien Broner (33-2, 24 KO’s) takes on Mikey Garcia (36-0, 30 KO’s).  This will be Mikey Garcia’s first fight at 140 pounds, as he moves up in weight again for better competition.  Garcia has flourished every time he has moved up in weight, so there is nothing to warrant the thought of failure here.  Broner has moved up in weight several times as well, but failed when he tried his luck at 147 pounds, so he will move back down to 140.  This is an interesting fight because it will show if Adrien Broner has peaked and is on the decline, or if he still has what it takes to defeat (or at least hang with) a top tier fighter in or around his weight class.

So the question arises, does Adrien Broner have a chance to defeat Mikey Garcia?  In my opinion the answer is no.  But how will he lose?  Will he be totally wiped out like he was against Marcos Maidana?  Or will he make it an interesting fight and take it the distance?  Broner was once upon a time one of my favorite fighters in the game.  Lack of focus and bad life decisions however, have somewhat derailed his once very promising career.  Broner was on the rise back in 2012 and 2013, obliterating everyone that stood in his way, and was on the fast track to the top of the boxing world.  He defeated his toughest opponents to date in those 2 years (Antonio DeMarco and Gavin Rees) with relative ease.  He was seemingly boxings golden boy, with all the talent in the world.  Then he stepped up in competition to face Paulie Malignaggi, a decent fighter with no power, and Paulie gave him fits even though Broner escaped with a Split Decision victory.

Broner would step up the competition again after that in a fight with Marcos Maidana.  Maidana exposed Broner for what he really was, a super talented fighter that just couldn’t get his head in the game.  Maidana destroyed Broner in December of 2013, and that was the beginning of the decline.  Since then, Broner has gone back to fighting second tier fighters, to collect some wins.  In June of 2015, Broner tired his luck against a top fighter in Shawn Porter, and guess what, he lost again.  Broner then took 2 more easy fights against relative no names and won easily.  In February of 2017, Broner took a fight against Adrian Granados, which I think he should have won easily, and even though he did win, Granados gave him fits.  It ended in a split decision victory for Broner.  The time has come for Broner to test himself again.  Broner will lose this fight against Garcia, simply because Garcia is amazing in the ring, but will he look good doing it?  If Broner makes it a tough fight, he still has a future in the sport.  But if he gets totally wiped out, he will become a forgotten talent.

Mikey Garcia is a beast.  He continues to move up in weight and demolish everyone in his path.  His career reminds me of the career of Andre Ward.  Garcia has never shied away from facing the best fighters in his weight class.  Combine that with the long layoffs and still having the ability to dominate when he returns to the ring, their paths are very similar.  Garcia’s future is bright.  He has moved up to 140 pounds, which is one of the most exciting divisions in boxing.  He has plenty of opportunities to make great fights with other great fighters.  If he defeats Broner, he will no doubt draw a lot of interest for other fighters.  Broner is still a name that looks good on a fighters resume if he can defeat him, which i believe Garcia will.  Garcia packs dynamite in both hands.  He can hurt you with his left or his right, which is what makes him so dangerous.  I believe he will carry his power up to Junior Welterweight and stop Broner in the later rounds.



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