Image result for spence vs petersonLast night on ShowTime Championship Boxing, Errol Spence Jr (23-0, 20 KO’s) took the first step in his pursuit of dominating the Welterweight division as he defeated Lamont Peterson (35-4-1, 17 KO’s) in a very impressive 8th round TKO victory.  Robert Easter Jr also defeated Javier Fortuna in a split decision victory over 12 rounds of back and forth action.  The first few round of the fight were back and forth, and in the second round, Fortuna was deducted a point for hitting Easter in the back of the head.  It would prove to be the difference in the split decision.  Easter would come alive in the middle rounds after Fortuna established a small lead, but would again fade in the final rounds.  His rally in the middle rounds was enough to get him the victory.

In the main event, Errol Spence Jr put a show on for the crowd.  From the opening bell, he looked extremely sharp and powerful, and too much for Lamont Peterson to handle.  Spence stayed behind his jab that set up the rest of his offense.  It was way to tell that Peterson was extremely bothered by Spence’s power.  Spence banged peterson to the body early and often, and it definitely slowed him down a bunch.  Spence dropped Peterson in a crazy fifth round, with almost 2 minutes left in the round.  It looked like it was all over for Peterson then and there with most of the round to go, but Peterson let his hands go in desperation after the knockdown, and made it a wild round.

Spence would win the 5th round, even with all the offense mustered by Peterson, and the fight became very one sided again in the 6th.  Spence continued to bully Peterson in the 6th, and it looked like Lamont’s right eye was starting to close up.  Before the 7th, Peterson told his corner he wanted to continue, but knew that the plug was going to be pulled if he didn’t have a big round.  Peterson had no answer for Spence’s offense in the 7th, and in between rounds before the 8th, his corner stopped the fight.  Lamont Peterson has only been knocked out once in his 40 fight career by Lucas Matthysse previous to this fight, so it was quite an accomplishment for Spence to end it that was against the former 2 division champion.  Spence improved his record to 23-0 (20KO’s), and called out Keith Thurman once again after the fight.



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