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Tonight, Saturday December 9th 2017, is a big night for boxing as two of the top Pound-For-Pound fighters meet in the ring.  Vasyl Lomachenko (9-1, 7 KO’s) will defend the WBO Junior Lightweight title against Guillermo Rigondeaux (17-0, 11 KO’s) who will jump up 2 weight classes for the fight.  The fight will take place at the Theater in Madison Square Garden New York NY, and will be live on ESPN at 9pm ET.  In the co-feature, Christopher Diaz (21-0, 13 KO’s) will take on Bryant Cruz (18-2, 9 KO’s) in a 10 round Junior Lightweight bout.  Also on the card, Bryant Jennings (20-2, 11 KO’s) will return to action, as he takes on Don Haynesworth (13-1-1, 11 KO’s) in an 8 round Heavyweight attraction.  Here is the breakdown and predictions:


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-Record:  9 – 1 – 0, 7 KO’s

-Weight Class:  Junior Lightweight

-Height:  5′ 6″

-Reach:  65″

-Notable Fights

  • Gary Russel Jr  —  Win, Majority Decision (12), 6/21/14.  (Won vacant WBO Featherweight title)
  • Rocky Martinez  —  Win, KO 5th round (12), 6/11/16.  (Won WBO Junior Lightweight title)
  • Nicholas Walters  —  Win, TKO 7th round (12), 11/26/16.



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-Record:  9 – 1 – 0, 7 KO’s

-Weight Class:  Junior Featherweight

-Height:  5′ 4″

-Reach:  68″

-Notable Fights

  • Nonito Donaire  —  Win, Unanimous Decision (12), 4/13/13.  (Won WBO/TheRing Junior Featherweight titles)
  • Joseph Agbeko  —  Win, Unanimous Decision (12), 12/7/13.
  • Moises Flores  —  No Contest 1st round (12), 6/17/17.  (Originally KO, later ruled no contest)



Bryant Jennings  —  def  —  Don Haynesworth  —  via  —  Unanimous Decision

Christopher Diaz  —  def  —  Bryant Cruz  —  via  —  TKO 8th round

Vasyl Lomachenko  —  def  —  Guillermo Rogondeaux  —  via  —  Majority Decision





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What can be said about Vasyl Lomachenko (9-1, 7 KO’s)?  Is he the perfect boxer? The answer is yes, especially after he took apart Miguel Marriaga (25-3, 21 KO’s) and embarrassed him this past Saturday night.  It was an unbelievable performance from start to finish, and I believe that Lomachenko is the hardest man in boxing to defeat.  From start to finish, he was toying with Marriaga, hitting him from all angles with every kind of punch imaginable.  In the first 3 rounds, Lomachenko was zooming in and out of punching range, creating all kinds of angles and just tapping Marriaga.

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After the 3rd round, Lomachenko started punching a bit harder.  It didn’t really matter if he exposed himself defensively, because its not like Marriaga could hit him anyway.  Lomachenko knocked Marriaga down in the third with a perfect straight left while marriaga was off balance.  In the 6th round, Lomachenko actually turned around and walked straight into the corner and begged Marriaga to come at him.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a boxer do that before.  Lomachenko continued to come forward and pressure Marriaga after that, and in the 7th round he knocked him down again.  Between rounds 7 and 8, Marriaga’s corner informed the referee that Marriaga no longer wanted to continue.  There was no point really, as Marriaga lost every second of this fight in embarrassing fashion.  There was absolutely no way that Marriaga had any chance to do anything meaningful in this fight, so there was really no point to continue.



Well, I guess Manny Pacquiao isn’t retired after all.  The former 8 division champion will be back in the ring before the year is out.  Once a fighter, always a fighter i guess.  From the reports swirling, it looks like Manny will be back in the ring on either October 29, or November 5th of this year.  The fight will be televised on HBO PPV according to Dan Rafael.  Bob Arum told us over and over, that Pacquiao was not done yet, and I guess we should have believed him.

Pacquiao and Arum have already put together a list of potential opponents.  The most likely seem to be fellow stable fighters Jessie Vargas and Terence Crawford.  Rumors have also swirled about Danny Garcia, but that seems highly unlikely.  Adrien Broner’s name has been thrown around as well, but who ever knows with that guy.  Broner seems content fighting much lower levels of opposition these days.  Garcia seems unlikely, because Bob Arum and Al Haymon working together is very unlikely.  The biggest money fight would no doubt be against Terence Crawford, given that he can get past Viktor Postol on July 23rd.  It remains to be seen who the opponent will be, and I’m sure there will be a ton more rumors, but I will keep you posted.



Timothy Bradley called Teddy Atlas after his fight with Jesse Vargas and asked him for advice.  Atlas asked Bradley one question.  “Do you know why you got hit like that?”  Bradley didn’t have much of a response for that question, so Atlas told him the answer.  He said, “Vargas was setting you up for that punch throughout the fight”.  Bradley was shocked at that statement, because his trainer Joel Diaz did not tell him that.  And just like that, their relationship was over.  A few weeks later, Bradley placed another call to Teddy Atlas with a different question.  The question was, “will you train me?”  After years of saying he was done as a trainer, Atlas would ultimately accept Bradley’s invitation.

Timothy Bradley is a very skilled boxer, who for some reason just can’t get away from his over zealous brawling ways.  That would all change on Saturday night when Teddy Atlas would create “the controlled monster”.  Bradley has had enormous success in his career under trainer Joel Diaz, but it was time for a change, and it was evident from round 1 that Teddy Atlas would have a huge impact on Bradley’s mentality.  Bradley came out behind the jab, throwing 3 to 4 at a time, which would open up Rios down low for thudding body shots.  Rios would try to get inside and make Bradley brawl with him, but Bradley would get the better of it, and then quickly step back to the outside.

Brandon Rios looked like he had absolutely no answer for Bradely’s new style of fighting, as he probably prepared for a brawl instead of a boxing match.  Bradley would continue to throw lightning quick combinations from a distance that Rios was not comfortable with for the rest of the fight.  In between rounds, you could tell that whatever Atlas would say to Bradley, had a huge impact on him.  The level of respect that Bradley has for Atlas was evident and written all over his face.  It looked like a little boy listening to his father, while he taught him a sport for the very first time.  It was amazing and priceless.

Teddy’s advice and speeches between rounds would pay huge dividends, because in the 9th round, Bradley would put Rios down.  The first knockdown would come with Bradley ripping 3 body shots to Rios, followed by and uppercut.  Simply beautiful combinations.  Referee Tony Weeks would give Rios a chance, but Bradley would come back at him with a flurry of 3 more well placed body shots, that would put Rios down for good.  Tim Bradley would end up landing 254 of 570 punches (45%), while Rios would only land 81 of 454 (18%).  Bradley also landed 174 of 325 power shots (54%), while Rios would land 67 of 362 (19%).  So are Atlas and Bradley the perfect marriage in the boxing world?  Only time will tell, but it sure does look like it.

Lomachenko Is A Superstar Waiting To Happen

The greatest amateur fighter ever is proving that he will soon be one of the best professional fighters.  Vasyl Lomachenko was
showcasing his incredible skills and stunning accuracy on saturday night against Romulo Koasicha.  Lomachenko would even score two 10-8 rounds without a knockdown because the fight was so one sided.  The 7th round was one of the 10-8 rounds as
Lomachenko landed 56 of 91 while Koasicha landed 6 of 53.  In the 10th round, Lomachenko would put Koasicha down with a body shot, and Koasicha would not answer the 10 count.  Lomachenko would end up landing 334 of 717 (47%), which included 213 of 334 power shots (64%).  Koasicha would end with 75 of 607 (12%), with 55 of 346 power shots (16%).  With those kind of lopsided numbers, anyone in the sport would go down.


I am well aware that 80% of the viewing public on some level wanted Manny Pacquiao to finally end the streak of Floyd Mayweather.  Although Floyd is my favorite boxer, I am guilty as well to some degree.  A part of me really wanted to see Manny Pacquiao pull this one out, but we can not deny the brilliance of Floyd Mayweather.  There is no doubt that Manny Pacquaio is in a league above everyone else, the only problem is that there is just one more league above that, and Floyd Matyweather is the only member.

The hype of this fight was unbelievable, and truly made everyone see that this was the boxing event for the ages.  Many said the fight was boring, but to the true hardcore boxing fan, it was poetry in motion.  After 6 long years of waiting, we finally got to see one of the biggest fights of our generation.  Two future hall of famers, and currently the #1 and #2 fighters in the entire world, finally gave the fans what they wanted to see, and stepped into the ring to see who was really the better man.  Everything was on the line, including the WBA, WBC, WBO, & TheRing welterweight titles, but more importantly pound for pound supremacy.

From the opening bell, it was Mayweathers fight.  He dictated the pace, which meant he would win.  Had Pacquiao dictated the pace of this fight, there is a chance the result might have been different.  Mayweathers jab was outstanding, and he was countering at will.  Fighters think they know what it takes to defeat Floyd, and maybe they do.  But once you get in the ring, the question is can you actually do it?  The answer is NO!!!  46 have tried, and 46 have failed.  I say 46 instead of 48 because Mayweather fought Castillo and Maidana twice.  Pacquiao simply looked baffled in the ring, and just seemed like he didn’t know what to do.  He is not used to being the slower man, and he could not get inside and make it nasty because of Floyd’s impeccable defense.  Even when Pacquiao was able to throw a flurry of punches, nothing was really landing, instead it was being slipped or bouncing off of Mayweathers gloves.

In the later rounds it seemed like Pacquiao was increasingly growing frustrated, because of the fact that he just could not penetrate Floyd’s defense.  You can’t get frustrated against Mayweather, because he will use it against you.  Floyd noticed this frustration and continued to counter effectively and pick Manny apart.  Pacquiao looked a lot better in the beginning of the fight and even stole some rounds by out working Floyd, but in the end Floyd actually threw more punches and landed at a significantly higher percentage.  Mayweather landed 148 punches while throwing 435 (34%).  Manny Pacquiao landed 81 punches while throwing 429 (19%).  That is a huge difference, and the judges saw it.  The final scorecards read:  118-110, 116-112, and 116-112.  Thise were very fair scores in my book as I had the fight 117-111.  Mayweather improves to 48-0 (26 KOs) and we now await his “final” fight in September.


Even after all their fights posted on demand, after the weigh in, after all the “Inside Mayweather Pacquiao” episodes, when i woke up this morning, it finally felt real.  After almost 6 years of salivating over this fight, Floyd Mayweather (47-0, 26 KO’s) and Manny Pacquaio (57-5-2, 38 KO’s) will finally happen tonight at 9 PM ET time on a joint HBO and Showtime PPV mega event.  Widley considered the #1 and #2 pound for pound fighters in the world, they will put it all on the line to night for boxing dominance.  All titles will be on the line, as Manny Pacquiao will put up his WBO welterweight title, while Floyd Mayweather will put up his WBA, WBC, and TheRing welterweight tities.  The weight in was the largest ever recorded, and to my knowledge, the first to charge admission to the event.  Also on the fight card, Leo Santa Cruz (28-0-1, 16 KO’s) will take on Jose Cayetano (17-3, 4 KO’s), and Vasyl Lomachenko (3-1, 1 KO) will take on Gamalier Rodriguez (25-2-3, 17 KO’s).  Here is the tale of the tape, and my predictions for all 3 fights:


  • Leo Santa Cruz  —  def  —  Jose Cayetano  —  via  —  KO 3rd round
  • Vasyl Lomachenko  —  def  —  Gamalier Rodriguez  —  via  —  Unanimous Decision 12 rounds
  • Floyd Mayweather  —  def  —  Manny Pacquiao  —  via  —  Majority Decision 12 rounds



Floyd mayweather is not a normal human being.  He is the best boxer of this generation, and arguably the best of all time.  The only thing that seems to bother him in the slightest, is a relentless barage of punches coming at him.  Lets face it, you can’t counter everything.  Manny Pacquiao can not slow down for 1 second in this fight, if he wants the victory.  He has to be relentless with his arsenal, as he can’t afford to stop throwing punches.  If he slows down, its over for him, because Mayweather is just too smart in the ring, and if you give him time, he’s even smarter.


Manny can’t simply just charge forward and follow Floyd around.  He will get countered.  he has to cut the ring off and try to corner Mayeather, because that will be his only chance to land significant punches.  Yes Manny has the skill set and power to fight in the middle of the ring, but Floyd is the superior boxer, and if they stay in the middle, Mayweather will win.  Manny needs to corner his opponent and go to the body frequently, early in the fight, so that Mayweather will drop his hands and the head will open up.  I believe that Pacquiao will have to knock Mayweather out to win, and this is the best way to do it.  Floyd has shown weaknesses in his defense once he gets corners, but only against extremely busy fighters.  Manny is an extremely busy fighter, and this will be his best chance to win.


Pacquiao can get reckless at times, which is why Marquez knocked him out.  If he gets too wild, Mayweather will find the holes and pick him apart.  He also has to step up his defense a bit, so that he doesn’t get countered frequently by Floyd.  If he gets Floyd in a corner, he shouldn’t just go head hunting, but should go to the body to slow Floyd down.  If he does that, the head will open up eventually.  Also if he gets Floyd in trouble, which is not easy but we have seen it, he needs to go for the kill.  The longer the fight lasts, the more it favors Mayweather.  Shane Mosley rocked Floyd with a right hand in the 2nd round of their fight, but he never capitalized on it.  Mayweather recovered, and picked him apart.  Manny will most likely need the knockout here, or at least a knock down to win.

Prediction:  Floyd Mayweather  —  def  —  Manny Pacquiao  —  via  —  Majority Decision 12 rounds