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Next Saturday June 17th 2017, will be the rematch between Andre Ward (31-0, 15 KO’s) and Sergey Kovalev (30-1-1, 26 KO’s), which is poised to be one of the biggest fights in 2017.  It is the battle for Light Heavyweight supremacy, with 4 titles on the line.  Ward will defend the WBA/WBO/IBF/TheRing Light Heavyweight titles, which he took from Kovalev last November, in a very close decision victory.  A lot of doubts were cast on Ward, and a lot of questions were raised about if he actually did beat Kovalev, in what was the narrowest decision in recent memory.  Many fans, and of course Kovalev, did not agree with the decision, and so we have the rematch.

So, is there any reason to think that Ward won’t be victorious this time around?  Between the 2 fighters, only Kovalev has fought someone twice.  He defeated Jean Pascal via TKO back in March of 2015, and then completely destroyed him in their rematch back in January of 2016.  But was Kovalev better in the rematch?  Or was Pascal just that much worse?  Pascal was very gun shy in their second fight, and Kovalev took complete advantage of that fact.  Never the less, it was a complete wipe out in their rematch.  In my opinion, this would be the only evidence that could support a possible Kovalev victory.  In the first fight with Ward, Kovalev knocked Ward down in the first round, but was unable to knock him out.  He will have to do that to win, because going to the scorecards after 12 rounds with Ward, will most likely not be favorable for any fighter for that matter.

Andre Ward on the other hand, has literally beaten everyone relevant in or around what ever weight class he has been in.  In his Super Middleweight days, he went on a rampage.  Ward was predicted to be one of the first eliminated from the Super 6 tournament.  Guess what.  He went on to win it.  He defeated all the top fighters at Super Middleweight which included Mikkel Kessler, Sakio Bika, Arthur Abraham, and of course the great future hall of famer Carl Froch.  He then went on the defeat the once feared Chad Dawson, to completely take over the division.  Ward has made a career out of fighting and beating the best, so there is no reason to think otherwise here.  If anything, he has learned from the first encounter with Kovalev, and will defeat him more decisively this time around.  Kovalev needs a knockout to win here in my opinion, which is definitely not out of the question.  If it does go to the score cards after 12 rounds though, look for another close decision, but Andre Ward will be victorious.




Carl Froch v George Groves

Well the news came early in England because of the time difference, but Carl “The Cobra” Froch has officially retired from professional boxing.  Froch finishes his stellar career with a record of 33-2 with 24 KO’s, and was a three time title holder in the Super Middleweight division.  His only 2 career losses came agains stellar opposition, with the first being against Mikkel Kessler in April of 2010 (he would defeat Kessler in a rematch), and of course Andre Ward, who when active is the best in the world.  Froch has an impressive resume besides his losses.  He spent his career fighting against top tier opposition and never backed down from any fighter.  His conquests include wins over Jean Pascal (12/6/08), Arthur Abraham (11/27/10), Lucian Bute (5/26/12), Mikkel Kessler (5/25/13), and of course George Groves not once but twice (11/23/13 & 5/31/14).

Froch is 38 years of age so the retirement is not all that surprising, although he would still probably be near the top of his game, if he did fight one more time, but you can tell that he’s been thinking long and hard about this move for a while now.  What is a little surprising is the fact that he’s been dangling a potential Golovkin showdown in front of everyones face for weeks now, or even a 3rd showdown against George Groves.  Its totally understandable that a Golovkin fight at this particular time is most likely not worth the reward, but it probably would be a huge payday, especially if it took place in an 80,000 seat stadium.  If Froch fought Golovkin (or Groves for that matter) and lost, it would definitely not take anything away from his legacy, because lie i said before, he’s always fought the best available to him.  If anything it would probably improve his legacy (even with a loss) to fight Gennady Golovkin when no one else will.

Froch said: “I’m incredibly proud of what I have achieved in boxing but now is the right moment to hang up my gloves. I have nothing left to prove and my legacy speaks for itself.”

And he’s right!!!  Froch will no doubt go down as a hall-of-famer in the boxing world, and it is very well deserved.  Froch held the WBA, WBC, and IBF Super Middleweight titles throughout points of his career, and was formerly on TheRing Pound-ForPound list, only removed because of inactivity.  I guess all good things must come to an end eventually, so thank you Carl “The Cobra” Froch for putting on show after show for us and never backing down from the best.


Gennady Golovkin (33-0, 30 KO’s) probably should have pushed a little harder to face Miguel Cotto before Canelo Alvarez does.  Golovkin is 33 years old, and his time is running out.  Cotto says he will fight him after Canelo, but who knows if thats really true, and who knows if Cotto will even defeat Canelo.  The way it looks to be shaping up, is that the winner of the Cotto/Alvarez fight, will take on “GGG”.  Golovkin is no doubt the best Middleweight in the world, and it has been really tough for him to find top tier opposition thats willing to step in the ring with him.  The reason being is that, he is plain and simply a destroyer.  He bulldozes through whoever gets in the ring with him.  Golovkin is currently on a 20 KO streak, so its not hard to see why top tier fighters have avoided him.  The risk is just not worth the reward.  If Cotto can defeat Alvarez, a showdown with Golovkin could quite possibly be a Pay Per View fight, which would make it worth the risk, as huge money would be involved.

froch45342Carl Froch has expressed interest in fighting Gennady Golovkin, which would no doubt be the biggest name to entertain the idea.  Recently though, Froch’s promoter Eddie Hearn said that he’s not sure if Carl Froch will ever fight again.  If Froch does indeed decide to retire, Golovkin will again have to go in search of an opponent willing to take him on.  GGG can’t wait for Froch to make a decision for too long though, because the list of Middleweights that Golovkin hasn’t yet demolished, is getting very short.  If those guys book other fights, Golovkin will be left without an opponent, and will be forced to fight a no name guy looking for an opportunity, just like Willie Monroe Jr.  Monroe has said that he wants a rematch against Golovkin, but with the way he lost (telling the referee that he wanted no more), that will probably never happen.

Here are the three best option for Gennady Golovkin, if Carl Froch decides to retire after all:

#3.  Daniel Jacobs (29-1, 26 KO’s)

I was going to go with Billy Joe Saunders in this spot, but in 2014, he won the WBO title eliminator, so I’m sure he has his sights set on Andy Lee who is the current WBO Middleweight champion.  Daniel Jacobs is the current WBA Middleweight champion, Golovkin is the current WBA (super) Middleweight champion, and it would be nice to combine those belts, because way too many fighters have a title.  Jacobs is a fellow knockout artist, as 26 of his 29 victories are by stoppage, so it would make for an interesting fire fight between these two.

#2.  David Lemieux (33-2, 31 KO’s)

Andy Lee makes sense here as well, but like I just said, Billy Joe Saunders will probably be Lee’s next fight, so lets go with David Lemieux in this spot.  Mr Lemieux is by far the only fighter in the middleweight division that can compare power with Golovkin.  Just like GGG, Lemieux has awesome power in both hands, and can put your lights out with one shot.  Golovkin is obviously the more skilled boxer of the two, but you never know with David Lemieux.  He has fought better boxers then him in the past, and has put them down for a ten count.  Both guys stalk their opponents in the ring, and walk them down into corners, so it would be interesting to see who would be the one backing up.  Lemieux fights Hassan N’Dam on June 20th, and if he can beat him, he should ask to fight Golovkin.

#1.  Andre Ward (27-0, 14 KO’s)

This would obviously be the dream matchup for Golovkin, and it would require a move up to Super Middleweight, which Golovkin has expressed interest in anyway.  Ward has a tune up fight against Paul Smith on June 20th, and Golovkin just fought, so the timeline is right.  Ward hgas said in the past that he is willing to fight GGG, and with the names being as big as they are, this would be a huge payday for both fighters.  Ward has been inactive for a year and a half now, so he needs to get his feet wet in the ring, but I would be shocked if he lost his fight coming up.  When Ward was active, he was ranked #2 pound for pound in the world.  Golovkin is currently ranked #4, so it would be a huge boost to both careers if they could make this fight happen.


With all of the drama that got stirred up between HBO and Showtime over the Mayweather Pacquiao fight, things are looking bleaker then ever for the two networks to ever work together again.  MayPac was the first time that the 2 rivals have worked together since Mike Tyson VS Lennox Lewis in June of 2002.  If they keep going at this pace, we should expect Kovalev and Stevenson to square off somewhere in 2028.  By that time, both fighters will be well in to retirement, so what can be done to make this fight happen?  Stevenson is the current WBC & TheRing Champion, so the WBC must force him to take the fight against Kovalev, which would leave HBO and Showtime no choice but to work together once more.

The Mayweather VS Pacquaio event was a complete disaster behind the scenes, and I’m actually surprised that it came to life with all of the complications surrounding it.  They literally could not agree to anything for the event, which is a direct quote from a source at Showtime that will not be named.  They fought about things like how many cameras each would have, who would hire the lighting staff, which commentators would be allowed to cover the broadcast, etc etc etc.  It was an absolute mess, and thats putting it lightly.

kovalev3454No here in lies the problem.  Sergey Kovalev and Adonis Stevenson must fight each other.  They just have to, if for nothing else, just to please the fans.  Kovalev is signed with HBO, while Stevenson is signed with Showtime.  This would not be a pay per view event, which gives the fans hope that the fight will happen, because its of smaller magnitude.  But will HBO and Showtime ever try to work with one another again?  That is the million dollar question.  And unfortunately the answer is a 90% NO!!!  We all pretty much know that Adonis signed with Kovalevs’ rival network to dodge this fight, and so far it has been working wonderfully.  The fact remains that disputes like this one, should not be a factor of who fights who, because a true light heavyweight champion must be crowned.

An argument can be made in either direction about who is the better fighter I guess, but here are all the facts.  Adonis Stevenson is the Lineal Champion of the division.  He holds a record of 26-1 (21 KO’s) and the WBC and TheRing Light heavyweight titles.  Sergey Kovalev holds the IBF, WBA, & WBO light heavyweight titles, and a record of 27-0-1 (24 KO’s).  While Stevenson is content with defending his titles against overmatched and “has been” opponents, Kovalev is tearing through the light heavyweight division by mowing down top 10 opponents, and putting all his titles on the line against them.  Stevenson beat Chad Dawson to gain the lineal title, but since then has only defended against 1 top 10 opponent (Tavoris Cloud at the time).  He defended against Fonfara, who at the time was not rated in the top 10 light heavyweights, and Fonfara almost beat him.  Kovalev has been taking all the fights that the lineal champ should have been taking.  In fact, at the time of fighting him, 7 of Kovalevs’ last 8 opponents were rated in the top 10 of the light heavyweight division.  Kovalev has disposed of each and every one of them, which included the great Bernard Hopkins, and Jean Pascal.

With all of this being said, it seems a little unfair that it is actually Stevenson, who on paper, owns the division.  Kovalev has a better record (against better opposition), and he hold more championships the Adonis Stevenson does.  Isn’t it only fair that Stevenson gives Kovalev a shot at the Lineal Title?  This is where the sanctioning bodies need to step in.  Andre Ward and Carl Froch were stripped of their titles, due to inactivity.  While Stevenson remains active, and does defend his titles, he cannot be stripped because he is technically doing his duty.  On the other hand, if he cannot be stripped, shouldn’t he be forced to defend those titles against the #1 contender in the division eventually?  It remains to be seen what happens in the Kovalev/Stevenson soap opera, all we know is this, Kovalev will fight anyone anywhere anytime.  But what will the “champ” do?