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From the opening bell in the first round, it looked like another dud from Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, as he did almost nothing in the first round.  Reyes the more active fighter looked to actually have a chance, but boy did that turn around quickly.  In the second, Chavez Jr started loading up with huge overhand rights and left hooks to the body and head, and Reyes would have no answer.

Chavez missed weight as you already know, and refused to be weighed in unofficially on the day of the fight, but to the naked eye it looked like he outweigh Reyes by at least 15-20 pounds.  Reyes, the obnoxiously smaller man last night could not hurt the huge looking Chavez with anything at all.  So basically, Chavez Jr just started walking Reyes down, eating all his punches, and firing back with the biggest shots he could muster.  It looked like a super Middleweight in the ring fighting against a Cruiserweight.  It was actually quite embarrassing how much bigger Chavez Jr was then his opponent, but none the less, I guess the plan worked.

In the middle rounds, Chavez turned from a slugger to a boxer, utilizing his jab very effectively, and was actually really nice to watch.  He was setting up his right hand and left hook there after with a stellar power jab, that rocked the head of Reyes back and forth.  Chavez would then abandon this tactic in the later rounds, and start slugging again.  To Reyes’ credit, he did take the powerful shots very well, because in the early rounds it looked like he was gonna get disposed of very quickly.  Chavez Jr cuised to a unanimous decision victory by basically walking through and mowing down his opponent, seemingly because of the huge size difference.  He improves to 49 – 2 – 1, 1NC (32KO’s).

Imam Defeats Angulo, Looks Terrific:

In my opinion, the most talented and fastest rising star in the sport of boxing is Amir Imam.  This kid has it all.  Speed, power in both hands, his defense will be elite with more experience, and his general knowledge of boxing at such a young age is just unbelievable.  Imam started off with the lightning quick jab, snapping Angulos head back time after time.

Imam stayed calm throughout the fight even though the wild Fernando Angulo kept throwing haymakers trying to get a knockout victory.  He did land one lucky shot that seemed to buzz Imam for a split second, but he recovered almost immedialty, and kept out boxing Angulo.  In the 4th round, Imam would come put strong, hitting Angulo with a power jab (that he stepped right into), and followed it up with a right cross directly to the side of Angulos’ head, which put him down immediately.  Angulo would not be able to get up from that huge combination, and Amir Imam cruises to a knockout victory in the fourth round, improving his record to 19 – 0 (16 KO’s).
Arroyo Defeats Villanueva:
In what was definitely the sloppiest fight of the night, McJoe Arroyo and Arthur Villanueva went at it for the vacant 115 pound IBF Championship.  The fight was filled with head butts and not much else.  Neither fighter landed over a 100 pinches in the fight, which is unusual for a 12 rounder.  Villanueva ended up with one of the deepest cuts I have ever seen due to an accidental head butt, and the fight was stopped and taken to the score cards.  Arroyo got the nod on the scorecards, but both fighters were undeserving of a win here, as they both performed horrendously.  McJoe Arroyo is now the IBF 115 pound champion.


After being totally obliterated by Andrzej Fonfara, Julio Cesar Chavez JR (48-2-1, 1NC, 32 KO’s) is back in action tonight against the hard hitting Marcos Reyes (28-1, 22 KO’s).  Chavez failed to make weight again coming in at 170.8 lbs, rather then the 169 pound limit.  Reyes even allowed Chavez to come in at 170 and he still failed to make it.  This has been problem for Chavez lately, and a permanent move to a 175 pounds should be strongly considered.  Chavez is looking to bounce back from that disappointing loss to Fonfara, which just happened to be the only time he was ever stopped, so look for him to come on strong. Never the less, here’ stye breakdown:


-Record:  48 – 2 – 1, 1NC, 32 KO’s

-Weight Class:  Super Middleweight (168 pound)

-Height:  6′ 1″

-Reach:  73″

-Notable Fights

  • Sebastian Zbik  —  Win, MD 12 rounds, 6/4/11.  (Won WBC Middleweight title)
  • Andy Lee  —  Win, TKO 7th round, 6/6/12.
  • Sergio Martinez  —  Loss, UD 12 rounds, 9/15/12.  (Lost WBC Middleweight title)

Chavez Jr was boxings golden boy for a long time, largely due to his father of course, but he’s trying to get back on the right track.  After losing to Sergio Martinez, Chavez impressed with back to back victories against Brian Vera.  He clearly won both fights, but then layer a goose egg against Fonfara.  He just looked like he didn’t want to fight on that particular night.  Hopefully tonight he gets in gear and proves that he is a good boxer.  Look for chavez to enter the ring with a chip on his shoulder, and be full throttle from the opening bell.


-Record:  28-1, 22 KO’s

-Weight Class:  Super Middleweight (168 pounds)

-Height:  6′ 2″

-Reach:  76″

-Notable Fights

  • Christian Solano  —  Win, TKO 4th round, 6/4/11.

Chavez must be careful in this fight because Reyes has some power.  22 of his 28 wins come by knockout, so look out.  Reyes’ resume is not very impressive at all, having been 12 rounds only 5 times in his career.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out tonight, with Reyes having the height and reach advantage over Chavez.


Julio Cesar Chavez Jr  —  def  —  Marcos Reyes  —  via  —  Unanimous Decision (10)


It is hard to swallow the fact that Julio Cesar Chavez Jr got paid 2.5 million dollars for last nights fight, while Andrzej Fonfara only got $400,000.  Chavez senior warned his son not to take this fight, and boy was he correct.  After a 13 month layoff, Chavez Jr looked like a fool in the ring, and he would suffer the first knockdown of his career.  Fonafaras’ confidence all but peaked, when he sent Adonis Stevenson down to the canvas, despite losing their fight.  He is mentally at an all time high, and it really showed last night.

Chavez was over matched from the beginning, and I only gave him 1 out of the 9 rounds they fought on the scorecards.  Fonfaras’ short and crisp shot were just too much for any normal man to handle.  Never the less, no matter how one sided this fight was, it was still very exciting to watch.  Fonfara displayed tremendous power in both hands, as he peppered Chavez with thunderous shots.  In the 9th round, The Polish Prince hit Chavez with a huge left hand almost from a southpaw position, and it sent Chavez down for the first time in his csareer.  Having lost almost every round, there was no reason for Chavez to continue. The referee waved off the fight after the 9th round as Chavez’ corner seemed to stop the fight.  Or did they?  After watching the replay, it showed that it was actually Chavez who said he wanted no more, complaining that his leg was hurting.  So why did he say in his post fight interview that he was winning the fight?  Why would you call it quits if you were winning?  The answer is simple.  He was NOT winning, his leg was NOT hurt, he was just physically beat up, and mentally defeated.  His leg seemed absolutely fine, when he darn near sprinted back to the locker room after the fight.

After the fight, Chavez had the audacity to demand a rematch with Fonfara, one that he definitely will not get.  Fonfara has his heart set on a rematch with Adonis Stevenson, which would prove to be most intriguing.  Now here is my question.  How does Chavez say he would bet 2 million dollars, that he would knock out Gennady Golovkin, if he couldn’t even get through a fight with Andrzej Fonfara?  Without taking anything away from Fonfara, who is a good fighter, Triple G is elite.  What does Chavez think would happen to him in that fight?  I also have this answer, and that is, the result would be exactly the same, only quicker. Thank you and goodnight Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.  You should donate that 2.5 million to the fans that paid good money to see you.


#5.  DAVID LEMIEUX (33 – 2, 31 KO’s)

  • David Lemieux just destroyed Gabriel Rosado, but Rosado is no Golovkin.  Lemieux has tremendous power in both hands, and if he can land the right shot at the right time, its lights out for his opponent.  GGG has shown that he’s got an iron chin, and can take a shot from anyone.  His defense is very underrated, and Lemieux is wild.
  • Lemieux has awesome power, and that would probably keep Golovkin at bay for the first few rounds.  His defense on the other hand is questionable at best.  Once Golovkin finds the holes, which he would because he’s smart, Lemieux would be in big trouble.  Prediction:  Golovkin would KO Lemieux inside of 6 rounds.


  • Chavez Jr said today that he would bet 1 Million Dollars that he could knock out Gennady Golovkin.  He then added that if it wasn’t for his punching power, GGG would not be a good boxer.  I don’t know if I can agree with that, given the fact that Golovkin beat the living day lights out of Martin Murray last night, and knocked out 4 of his last 6 opponents before that inside of 3 rounds.  Golovkin is currently a Middleweight (160lbs) and this fight would require a move up to Super Middleweight (168lbs).  Never the less, the power would still be there, and Chavrez has dodged this fight in the past.
  • In my opinion, Chavez is actually the second worst opponent for GGG on this list.  He has a questionable chin, which makes him an ideal KO victim.  There is also the fact that Brian Vera gave Chavez trouble.  If Vera can give you trouble, what do you think GGG would do.   Predicton:  Golovkin would KO Chavez inside of 7 rounds.

#3.  PETER QUILLIN (31 – 0, 22 KO’s)

  • Peter Quillin sure did make it look like he vacated his Middleweight title so he wouldn’t have to deal with fighting Golovkin.  He has a fight coming up against Andy Lee, and the winner of this could quite possibly get a shot at Golovkin anyway.  Quillin is also undefeated, which makes this fight very appealing, and it also means he’s never been knocked out.  He has tremendous boxing skills, but his list of opponents so far is not that impressive.
  • Quillin has a nice combination of pure boxing ability and decent power in both hands.  But a nice jab can only keep a killer in his cage for so long.  Quillin would be fighting on his back foot the whole time, but ultimately would last longer then the previous two.  Prediction:  Golovkin would KO Quillin inside of 10 rounds.

#2.  MIGUEL COTTO (39 – 4, 32 KO’s)

  • No doubt Cotto is a future hall of famed.  With his recent destruction of Middleweight Champ Sergio Martinez, Cotto makes a very tasty opponent for Golovkin.  Cotto has a good chin, which makes knocking him out a little difficult, and he’s also a great boxer.  With Freddy Roach now training him, the sky is the limit.
  • This would be a great fight and I don’t think either guy would get knocked out, even tho both are great offensive fighters.  That fact would also make this a very exciting fight filled with fireworks.  Although i can’t say for certain who would come out with a victory, I give golovkin the edge here.  Predition:  Golovkin would defeat Cotto by Unanimous Decision

#1.  ANDRE WARD (27 – 0, 14 KO’s)

  • This would be another fight that would require Golovkin to move up in weight to 168 pounds.  Like I said before, I don’t view this as a problem, and his punching power would not diminish.  Andre ward was recently removed from the pound for pound list, but it was strictly due to inactivity.  Ward is the superior boxer in this senario, and he would give Golovkin the fight of his life.
  • Unfortunately for Ward, he lacks the power to really hurt Golovkin, and would have to beat him on the scorecards.  He is on the other hand, the best person to do so.  He is a better boxer then Golovkin, and would win more rounds on the cards.  Golovkin would deal Ward his first knockdowns tho, and that would probably be the difference at the end of this spectacular fight.  Prediction:  Could go either way, but Golovkin would defeat Ward by Split Decision


NEW YORK (Feb 17, 2015) – CBS Sports and Showtime Sports have announced a joint venture to air live boxing on the CBS Television Network.  There will be 8 Live events in 2015, premiering on Saturday April 4th at 3PM Eastern Time.  This joint venture, which is titled “PREMIERE BOXING CHAMPIONS”, will feature the likes of Adonis Stevenson, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, Andrzej Fonfara, Omar Figueroa, Ricky Burns, Sakio Bika, Artur Beterbiev, Gabriel Campillo, and many other yet to be determined. The April 18th Showtime broadcast and the May 9th CBS broadcast will support the May 2nd Showtime PPV featuring Floyd Mayweather and whoever his opponent might be.

The schedule of upcoming live boxing events on CBS and SHOWTIME is as follows:


  • On Saturday, March 28, SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING will present a doubleheader featuring a featherweight showdown between WBC champion Jhonny Gonzalez and top contender Gary Russell Jr., and a matchup of 154-pound contenders Jermell Charlo and Vanes Martirosyan.  The live SHOWTIME telecast will preview the following week’s April 4 CBS debut of Premier Boxing Champions. 


  • The CBS premiere on Saturday, April 4 (3 p.m. ET/Noon PT) will feature light heavyweight world champion Adonis Stevenson defending his WBC title against former super middleweight champ Sakio Bika.  In the co-feature, undefeated light heavyweight contender Artur Beterbiev will face veteran former world champ Gabriel Campillo.  The CBS broadcast, with its national reach of more than 110 million households, will offer a broad platform to promote a major SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING event just two weeks later. 


  • On Saturday, April 18, SHOWTIME presents the network debut of former world champion and Mexican superstar Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., as he takes on light heavyweight contender Andrzej Fonfara. 


  • On Saturday, May 9 Premier Boxing Champions returns to CBS for the second installment (4:30 p.m. ET/1:30 p.m. PT).  This broadcast will pit undefeated Omar Figueroa, who recently vacated his Lightweight World Championship to move up in weight to 140 pounds, against former champion Ricky Burns.