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10. Marvelous Marvin Hagler:  62 – 3 – 2, 52 KO’s   (Middleweight)

  • Undisputed Middleweight Champion form 1980-1987.
  • Made 12 undisputed title defenses.
  • Holds the highest KO% of any undisputed champion in Middleweight history at 78%.

9.  Rocky Marciano:  49 – 0 – 0, 43 KO’s   (Heavyweight)

  • Held world heavyweight title from 1952-1956.
  • Defended heavyweight title 6 times.
  • Finished career undefeated with a KO% of 87.75%

8.  Julio Cesar Chavez:  107 – 6 – 2, 86 KO’s   (Lightweight)

  • 6 time world champion in 3 divisions.
  • Holds record for most successful title defenses at 27.
  • Considered the best Mexican fighter of all time.

7.  Roberto Duran:  103 – 16 – 0, 70 KO’s   (Lightweight)

  • Held titles in 4 different weights.  Lightweight (1972-79), Welterweight (1980), Junior Middleweight (1983-84), Middleweight (1989).
  • Considered greatest Lightweight of all time.

6.  Larry Holmes:  69 – 6 – 0, 44 KO’s   (Heavyweight)

  • Made 20 successful title defenses, placing him only behind Wladimir Klitschko (22), and Joe Louis (25).
  • One of 5 men ever to defeat Muhammad Ali.
  • WBC heavyweight champion form 1978-83, TheRing Champion form 1980-85, & IBF champion form 1983-85.

5.  Willie Pep:  229 – 11 – 1, 65 KO’s   (Featherweight)

  • Fought a total of 1956 rounds over 241 fights in a 26 year career.
  • Ranked #1 Featherweight ever by the International Boxing Research Organization in 2005.
  • Inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1990.

4.  Muhammad Ali:  56 – 5 – 0, 37 KO’s   (Heavyweight)

  • The only 3-time Lineal Heavyweight Champion in boxing history.
  • Crowned “Sportsman of the century” by Sports Illustrated.
  • Won first heavyweight title in a huge upset against Sonny Liston.

3.  Joe Louis:  66 – 3 – 0, 52 KO’s   (Heavyweight)

  • Held World Heavyweight title from 1937-1949.
  • Holds the record for most successful consecutive title defenses for any division at 25.
  • Considered by most, the greatest Heavyweight of all time.

2.  Floyd Mayweather Jr:  49 – 0 – 0, 26 KO’s   (Welterweight)

  • Recently retired undefeated, tying Rocky Marciano’s record of 49-0.
  • Won World Titles in 5 different weight classes.  (Super Featherweight, Lightweight, Junior Welterweight, Weltereight, Junior Middleweight).
  • Highest paid athlete in the world.

1.  Sugar Ray Robinson:  173 – 19 – 6, 108 KO’s   (Welterweight)

  • Had a 91 fight unbeaten streak from 1943-1951.
  • Widely considered the best boxer ever.
  • The Pound For Pound list was created because of him.


On october 26th of 1951, Joe Louis (64-3, 1NC, 52 KO’s) took on the fast rising Rocky Marciano (38-0, 33 KO’s at the time), in Madison Square Garden New York City.  The former Heavyweight champ Joe Louis was a slight favorite to win the fight against Marciano, and even outweighed him by 26 pounds.  Loius also had a 9 inch reach advantage over Marciano, and was clearly the bigger man.

In round 1, Marciano pressured Louis constantly, driving him back in to the ropes as he landed a huge right hand.  Marciano being the smaller man, wanted to make this an inside fight, and his shorter arms would actually play an advantage with the way he fought Louis.  Round 2, he continued the pressure, going to Louis’ body and head with thunderous shots.  Louis had no answer yet.

In round 3 though, Joe Louis would find his jab, and throw Marciano completely off of his game.  The frustrated Marciano, being outboxed, would start throwing wild right hands and missing the target consistently.  Round 4, Louis would finally stop Marciano from walking him down, as he continued to box and throw his jab.  He would also land a few power shots towards the end onf the round at close range, which of course were set up by the jab.  Round 5 would be more of the same from Louis, as Marciano looked like he didn’t know what to do.

In the 6th, Marciano would finally go back to his game plan, and Louis would not win another round.  The 7th was a pivotal round, as Rocky landed a huge left hook that momentarily stunned Louis.  And the 8th round would spell the end for who many considered the greatest champion of all time.  Marciano would proceed to land a hard left hook to the head of Louis that put him down for the first time in the fight.  Louis would get up and take two more devastating left hooks that would by followed by a hard right straight to the jaw.  That huge right hand would knock Louis straight through the ropes and out of the ring.  Louis would not be able to answer the 10 count, as Rocky Marciano would defeat the once great champion.


The mega fight of our generation is unfortunately still just a rumor.  Floyd Mayewather (47-0, 26 KO’s) is #1 in the world Pound For Pound.  Manny Pacquiao (57-5-2, 38 KO’s) is #3 in the world Pound For Pound.  In my eyes #2, because of the inactivity of Andre Ward.  Mayweather is the best, but is he TBE (the best ever)?  I think so.  But even if he surpasses Rocky Marciano’s record of 50-0, which is the best record of all time, he’s going to have to do it by fighting Manny Pacquiao.  If he doesn’t, he will always be criticized for not fighting Pacman, and to a lot of people, 50-0 won’t mean anything.

In my opinion, this fight has never been closer then it is today to actually happening.  I was close to being convinced that it would happen after the Manny Pacquiao Foot Locker commercial went viral.  This morning I logged into my Facebook and noticed in my news feed that Floyd Mayweather posted a video of Pacman getting knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez.  This sealed the deal for me.  The subliminal messages have been sent.  I now believe that Floyd will finally take the fight.

I know for a fact, but will not reveal my source, that Showtime is trying everything in their power to make this happen.  So who will have the final word if it does?  Well unfortunately, the answer to that question is Floyd “Money” Mayweather.  Is Floyd afraid?  No, absolutely not.  This is about money.  Floyd supposedly wants the purse to be split 70/30.  Manny has supposedly agreed to 55/45.  Unfortunately the longer Floyd makes everyone wait, the more money he ultimately gets.

manny pacquiao floyd mayweather jr  photo

Money, power, respect!  Im quoting straight from Mayweather fitted hat in this picture.  He’s got the money, we all know that.  He is the worlds highest paid athlete, grossing over 80 million dollars last year.  He’s got the power, we all know that as well.  There is a long line of fighters clawing at the door that leads them to a Mayweather showdown.  Heck, I even ordered a TMT shirt from his website.  But does he have the respect?  In my eyes he does.  Hey, I’m only one guy though.  In the eyes of many, he does not, and he never will until he defeats Manny Pacquiao.  That is the only thing standing between Floyd and TBE!

If this fight finally happens, which I strongly believe it will, Mayweather will defeat Manny Pacquiao via unanimous decision.  So what’s the problem?  What’s the holdup?  MONEY!!!  I mean that figuratively and literally.  If Manny wants it, he’s going to have to drop his price tag.  It will be a huge blow to his ego, but ultimately still his largest paycheck.  Mayweather is a boxing God.  He can beat anyone at any given time.  Well, its time!!!  FIGHT PACQUIAO!!!