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Tonight, August 5th 2017, Vasyl Lomachenko (8-1, 6 KO’s) will put his WBO Junior Lightweight title on the line agains the hard hitting Miguel Marriaga (25-2, 21 KO’s).  The fight will take place at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles California, and will be live on ESPN at 9pm ET.  In the co-feature, Raymundo Beltran (33-7-1, 21 KO’s) will go at is with Bryan Vasquez (35-2, 19 KO’s) in a 10 round Lightweight bout.  Here is the breakdown and predictions:


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-Record:  8 – 1 – 0, 6 KO’s

-Weight Class:  Junior Lightweight

-Height:  5′ 6″

-Reach:  65″

-Notable Fights

  • Gary Russel Jr  —  Win, Majority Decision (12), 6/21/14.  (Won vacant WBO Featherweight title)
  • Rocky Martinez  —  Win, KO 5th round (12), 6/11/16.  (Won WBO Junior Lightweight title)
  • Nicholas Walters  —  Win TKO 7th round (12), 11/26/16.



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-Record:  25 – 2 – 1, 21 KO’s

-Weight Class:  Junior Lightweight

-Height:  5′ 8″

-Reach:  67″

-Notable Fights

  • Oscar Valdez  —  Loss, Unanimous Decision (12), 4/22/17.



Raymundo Beltran  —  def  —  Bryan Vasquez  —  via  —  Unanimous Decision

Vasyl Lomachenko  —  def  —  Miguel Marriage  —  via  —  TKO 5th round




Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao (57-6-2, 38 KO’s) has finally announced his next opponent.  On April 9th 2016, Manny Pacquiao will square of against current WBO welterweight champion, Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley (33-1-1, 13 KO’s) for the third time.  Bradley defeated Pacquiao in their first meeting, with a highly controversial split decision.  In the rematch, Pacquiao whipped the floor with Bradley, even worse then the first time.

There is no doubt that Tim Bradley is a different fighter, now that he is trained by Teddy Atlas.  But will it be enough to defeat Pacquiao and split the tie?  Bradley was much more composed in his last fight under Atlas, and didn’t allow himself to be sucked into an all out brawl.  Instead he was cool calm and collected through out the entire fight, and it served him very well.  He got the victory without suffering another concussion, as he did against Provodnikov.

In all seriousness, this could very well be Manny’s last fight.  The aging superstar is definitely on the downside of a great career, having lost 3 of his last 6 fights.  And the opponents that he did beat, were a tier below the ones that beat him.  I personally don’t think that Manny Pacquiao would allow himself to lose to Bradley, just because of the fact that he was robbed in their first meeting.  But then again, Bradley is a different animal then he was back then.  This makes for a very interesting fight.


Timothy Bradley called Teddy Atlas after his fight with Jesse Vargas and asked him for advice.  Atlas asked Bradley one question.  “Do you know why you got hit like that?”  Bradley didn’t have much of a response for that question, so Atlas told him the answer.  He said, “Vargas was setting you up for that punch throughout the fight”.  Bradley was shocked at that statement, because his trainer Joel Diaz did not tell him that.  And just like that, their relationship was over.  A few weeks later, Bradley placed another call to Teddy Atlas with a different question.  The question was, “will you train me?”  After years of saying he was done as a trainer, Atlas would ultimately accept Bradley’s invitation.

Timothy Bradley is a very skilled boxer, who for some reason just can’t get away from his over zealous brawling ways.  That would all change on Saturday night when Teddy Atlas would create “the controlled monster”.  Bradley has had enormous success in his career under trainer Joel Diaz, but it was time for a change, and it was evident from round 1 that Teddy Atlas would have a huge impact on Bradley’s mentality.  Bradley came out behind the jab, throwing 3 to 4 at a time, which would open up Rios down low for thudding body shots.  Rios would try to get inside and make Bradley brawl with him, but Bradley would get the better of it, and then quickly step back to the outside.

Brandon Rios looked like he had absolutely no answer for Bradely’s new style of fighting, as he probably prepared for a brawl instead of a boxing match.  Bradley would continue to throw lightning quick combinations from a distance that Rios was not comfortable with for the rest of the fight.  In between rounds, you could tell that whatever Atlas would say to Bradley, had a huge impact on him.  The level of respect that Bradley has for Atlas was evident and written all over his face.  It looked like a little boy listening to his father, while he taught him a sport for the very first time.  It was amazing and priceless.

Teddy’s advice and speeches between rounds would pay huge dividends, because in the 9th round, Bradley would put Rios down.  The first knockdown would come with Bradley ripping 3 body shots to Rios, followed by and uppercut.  Simply beautiful combinations.  Referee Tony Weeks would give Rios a chance, but Bradley would come back at him with a flurry of 3 more well placed body shots, that would put Rios down for good.  Tim Bradley would end up landing 254 of 570 punches (45%), while Rios would only land 81 of 454 (18%).  Bradley also landed 174 of 325 power shots (54%), while Rios would land 67 of 362 (19%).  So are Atlas and Bradley the perfect marriage in the boxing world?  Only time will tell, but it sure does look like it.

Lomachenko Is A Superstar Waiting To Happen

The greatest amateur fighter ever is proving that he will soon be one of the best professional fighters.  Vasyl Lomachenko was
showcasing his incredible skills and stunning accuracy on saturday night against Romulo Koasicha.  Lomachenko would even score two 10-8 rounds without a knockdown because the fight was so one sided.  The 7th round was one of the 10-8 rounds as
Lomachenko landed 56 of 91 while Koasicha landed 6 of 53.  In the 10th round, Lomachenko would put Koasicha down with a body shot, and Koasicha would not answer the 10 count.  Lomachenko would end up landing 334 of 717 (47%), which included 213 of 334 power shots (64%).  Koasicha would end with 75 of 607 (12%), with 55 of 346 power shots (16%).  With those kind of lopsided numbers, anyone in the sport would go down.


Heavyweight   —   (No limit)

Champ – Wladimir Klitschko (63-3-0, 53 KO’s)   RING, IBF, WBA, WBO

  1. Alexander Povetkin (29-1-0, 21 KO’s)
  2. Deontay Wilder (34-0-0, 33 KO’s)   WBC
  3. Tyson Fury (24-0-0, 18 KO’s)
  4. Kubrat Pulev (20-1-0, 11 KO’s)
  5. Bryant Jennings (19-1-0, 10 KO’s)

Cruiserweight   —   (200 pound limit)

Champ – Yoan Pablo Hernandez (29-1-0, 14 KO’s)   RING, IBF

  1. Grigory Drozd (40-1-0, 28 KO’s)   WBC
  2. Denis Lebedev (27-2-0, 20 KO’s)   WBA
  3. Krzysztof Glowacki (25-0-0, 16 KO’s)   WBO
  4. Marco Huck (38-3-1, 26 KO’s)
  5. Krzysztof Wlodarczyk (49-3-1, 35 KO’s)

Light Heavyweight      (175 pound limit)

Champ – Adonis Stevenson (26-1-0, 21 KO’s)   RING, WBC

  1. Sergey Kovalev (28-0-1, 25 KO’s)   IBF, WBA, WBO
  2. Bernanrd Hopkins (55-7-2, 32 KO’s)
  3. Jean Pascal (30-3-1, 17 KO’s)
  4. Juergen Braehmer (46-2-0, 34 KO’s)
  5. Eleider Alvarez (18-0-0, 10 KO’s)

Super Middleweight   —   (168 pounds limit)

Champ – Vacant

  1. Arthur Abraham (43-4-0, 29 KO’s)   WBO
  2. James Degale (21-1-0, (14 KO’s)   IBF
  3. George Groves (21-2-0, 16 KO’s)
  4. Gilberto Ramirez (32-0-0, 24 KO’s)
  5. Andre Dirrell (24-2-0, 16 KO’s)

Middleweight   —   (160 pound limit)

Champ – Miguel Cotto (40-4-0, 33 KO’s)   RING, WBC

  1. Gennady Golovkin (33-0-0, 30 KO’s)   WBA
  2. Andy Lee (34-2-1, 24 KO’s)   WBO
  3. Peter Quillin (31-0-1, 22 KO’s)
  4. David Lemieux (34-2-0, 31 KO’s)   IBF
  5. Billy Joe Saunders (22-0-0, 12 KO’s)

Junior Middleweight   —   (154 pound limit)

Champ – Vacant

  1. Saul Alvarez (45-1-1, 32 KO’s)
  2. Erislandy Lara (21-2-2, 12 KO’s)
  3. Austin Trout (29-2-0, 16 KO’s)
  4. Jermell Charlo (26-0-0, 11 KO’s)
  5. Vanes Martirosyan (35-2-1, 21 KO’s)

Welterweight   —   (147 pound limit)

Champ – Floyd Mayweather Jr. (48-0-0, 26 KO’s)   RING, WBA, WBC

  1. Kell Brook (35-0-0, 23 KO’s)   IBF
  2. Manny Pacquiao (57-6-2, 38 KO’s)
  3. Tim Bradley (32-1-1, 12 KO’s)   WBO
  4. Amir Khan (31-3-0, 19 KO’s)
  5. Keith Thurman (26-0-0, 21 KO’s)

Junior Welterweight   —   (140 pound limit)

Champ – Vacant

  1. Lucas Matthysse (37-3-0, 34 KO’s)
  2. Lamont Peterson (33-3-1, 17 KO’s)
  3. Ruslan Provodnikov (24-4-0, 17 KO’s)
  4. Terence Crawford (26-0-0, 18 KO’s)   WBO
  5. Adrien Broner (30-2-0, 22 KO’s)

Lightweight   —   (135 pound limit)

Champ – Vacant

  1. Richar Abril (18-3-1, 8 KO’s)   WBA
  2. Jorge Linares (39-3-0, 26 KO’s)   WBC
  3. Miguel Vasquez (35-4-0, 13 KO’s)
  4. Sharif Bogere (27-1-0, 19 KO’s)
  5. Mickey Bey (21-1-1, 10 KO’s)

Junior Lightweight   —   (130 pound limit)

Champ – Vacant

  1. Takashi Uchiyama (23-0-1, 19 KO’s)   WBA
  2. Takashi Muira (29-2-2, 22 KO’s)   WBC
  3. Roman Martinez (29-2-2, 17 KO’s)   WBO
  4. Francisco Vargas (22-0-1, 16 KO’s)
  5. Javier Fortuna (28-0-1, 20 KO’s)

Featherweight   —   (126 pound limit)

Champ – Vacant

  1. Nicholas Walters (26-0-0, 21 KO’s)
  2. Vasyl Lomachenko (4-1-0, 2 KO’s)   WBO
  3. Garry Russel Jr (26-1-0, 15 KO’s)   WBC
  4. Leo Santa Cruz (31-0-1, 17 KO’s)  WBA
  5. Lee Selby (21-1-0, 8 KO’s)   IBF

Junior Featherweight   —   (122 pound limit)

Champ – Guilliermo Rigondeaux (15-0-0, 10 KO’s)   RING, WBA, WBO

  1. Scott Quigg (31-0-2, 23 KO’s)
  2. Carl Frampton (21-0-0, 14 KO’s)   IBF
  3. Nonito Donaire (35-3-0, 22 KO’s)
  4. Genesis Servania (26-0-0, 11 KO’s)
  5. Shingo Wake (19-4-2, 11 KO’s)

Bantamweight   —   (118 pound limit)

Champ – Vacant

  1. Shinsuke Yamanaka (23-0-2, 17 KO’s)   WBC
  2. Juan Carlos Payano (16-0-0, 8 KO’s)   WBA
  3. Anselmo Moreno (35-3-1, 12 KO’s)
  4. Koki Kameda (33-1-0, 18 KO’s)
  5. Jaimie McDonnell (26-2-1, 12 KO’s)

Junior Bantamweight   —   (115 pound limit)

Champ – Vacant

  1. Naoya Inoue (8-0-0, 7 KO’s)   WBO
  2. Carlos Cuadras (33-0-1, 25 KO’s)   WBC
  3. Srisaket Sor Rungvisai (36-4-1, 31 KO’s)
  4. Zolani Tete (20-3-0, 17 KO’s)   IBF
  5. Omar Navarez (43-2-2, 23 KO’s)

Flyweight   —   (112 pound limit)

Champ – Roman Gonzalez (43-0-0, 37 KO’s)   RING, WBC

  1. Juan Francisco Estrada (32-2-0, 23 KO’s)   WBA, WBO
  2. Amnat Ruenrroeng (16-0-0, 5 KO’s)   IBF
  3. Brian Viloria (36-4-0, 22 KO’s)
  4. Kazuto Ioka (17-1-0, 10 KO’s)
  5. Juan Carlos Recevo (35-2-0, 19 KO’s)

Junior Flyweight   —   (108 pound limit)

Champ – Donnie Nietes (36-1-4, 21 KO’s)   RING, WBO

  1. Pedro Guevara (26-1-1, 17 KO’s)   WBC
  2. Ryoichi Taguchi (22-2-1, 9KO’s)   WBA
  3. Javier Mendoza (24-2-1, 19 KO’s)   IBF
  4. Randy Petalcorin (23-1-1, 18 KO’s)
  5. Raul Garcia (37-3-1, 22 KO’s)

Strawweight   —   (105 pound limit)

Champ – Vacant

  1. Hekkie Budler (28-1-0, 9 KO’s)   WBA
  2. Katsunari Takayama (29-7-0, 11 KO’s)   IBF
  3. Wanheng Menayothin (38-0-0, 13 KO’s)   WBC
  4. Kosei Tanaka (5-0-0, 2 KO’s)   WBO
  5. Knockout CP Freshmart (11-0-0, 6 KO’s)

Friday Night Fights had a special thursday edition (3/26/15) last night on ESPN2.  Ahmed Elbiali vs Mike Stafford in a 6 round contest, Rances Barthelemy vs Angino Perez in a 10 round contest, and the main event was the undefeated Freddie Lawson vs former world title challenger Breidis Prescot.  Here are your results from last night:

Ahmed Elbiali defeats Mike Stafford via Unanimous Decision

  • This was a relatively easy fight for Elbiali.  He clearly had more power and was the more skilled boxer.  He won every round except the last, as Stafford looked sluggish and over matched the entire fight.  Elbiali give up defense for offense, and he will have to work on that going forward.  A higher class opponent would pick him apart.

Rances Barthelemy defeats Angino Perez via TKO 2nd round

  • Barthelemy vacated his title to move up to Junior Welterweight.  This looked like a tune up fight for sure.  Talk about overmatched, Perez never stood a chance.  Barthelemy knocked him down twice in the first round and Perez never recovered.  He lasted 15 seconds into the second round, and it was over.

Freddie Lawson defeats Breidis Prescot via Split Decision

  • Hands down the best fight of the night.  It was a very competitive affair, and with a very narrow split decision, Freddie Lawson will stay undefeated.  Back and forth they went, and Prescot seemed to punch himself out in the end.  Lawson took over the last 2 rounds, and the knockdown in the 3rd round proved to be the difference on the scorecards.


Mayhem has come and gone.  Now we look to the future.  The very near future looks very promising in the junior Welterweight division.  This triangle of talent that includes Danny Garcia, Lucas Matthysse, and Adrien Broner has recently turned into a square with the re-emergence of Lamont Peterson.  If things go as they should, as I hope they do, the next year and a half should be amazing at 140 pounds.

Danny Garcia recently layed out Rod Salka.  It was impressive, but Salka was no match for Garcia to begin with.  Adrien Broner recently defeated Emmanuel Taylor.  Even though Taylor looked great in the first half of the fight, Broner finished strong.  His hand speed and defensive work were very impressive in the second half of the fight.  Lucas Matthysse is coming off of a second round liver shot KO, which was a little controversial, but none the less still an early KO.  The power of this man, weighing 140 pounds is truly amazing.  Then there is Lamont Peterson.  In his last fight against Edgar Santana, he won every round.  It was an absolute landslide.  With the Peterson victory, this division has become extremely interesting.

If all goes as it should, this will be a true boxing fans wet dream.  As I’ve stated in the past, it is my opinion that Lucas Matthysse is still the man in this division, despite technically losing the top spot to Danny Garcia.  You can’t win a fight if You can’t see your opponent.  Matthysse’s eye closed up and he simply could not see Garcia’s left hook coming.  So here is what simply needs to happen if the promoters are willing to give it to us.  Danny Garcia will fight Lamont Peterson in a title unification.  Then Adrien Broner will fight Lucas Matthysse.  The winners will fight each other to become the undisputed junior Welterweight champion.    If all of this can happen in time, and if Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather can’t come to some kind of an agreement, the winner of all that I just described should move up to 147 pounds and fight the pound for pound king, Floyd Mayweather.  Now wouldn’t this series of events just be spectacular?  I think so!!!



-Danny Garcia defeats Lamont Peterson via unanimous decision.

-Lucas Matthysse defeats Adrien Broner via 10th round TKO.

-Lucas Matthysse defeats Danny Garcia via split decision

-Floyd Mayweather finally takes the Pacquiao fight and wins via unanimous decision

It was built up as mayhem.  Obviously, referee Kenny Bayless didn’t get the memo.  Floyd “Money” Mayweather (47-0, 26KO’s) VS Marcos “El Chino” Maidana (35-5, 31KO’s), was supposed to be an extremely exciting rematch.  The most exciting rematch since Floyd Mayweather VS Jose Luis Castillo.  Over officiating was the story of the night though.  For the price of $69.95, this PPV was definitely not worth ordering, all thanks to Kenny Bayless.  Everyone was excited for all out war between Maidana and Mayweather.  What was Kenny Bayless thinking?  LET THEM FIGHT!!!  If one arm is free, let them punch out of the clinch.  Bayless was definitely more tired at the end then both fighters combined.  His constant interruptions of the action were absolutely ridiculous.

I must say though, even through horrible officiating, Marcos Maidana did not look the same.  The outcome would have been the same, even if Kenny Bayless let them fight.  The “god” that is known as Floyd Mayweather, had Maidana figured out from the opening bell.  His defense and footwork really got into Maidana’s head in the first 2 rounds, and really threw him off his game plan.  Maidana was not letting his hands go as much as he should have, which is what he depends on to win fights.  I was personally against this rematch from the beginning.  It turned out to be exactly what i thought it would be.  STUPID!!  First of all, Mayweather has only a few fights left.  No one wants to see him waste one with an opponent that he has already defeated.  Second of all, we all know what happens when Floyd gets a second chance at somebody.  He dominates.  There is truly only one fight that everyone wants to see, and it should have happened 3 years ago.  FLOYD MAYWEATHER VS MANNY PACQUIAO.  Lets just forget about the Amir Kahn’s, the Danny Garcia’s, the Keith Thurman’s (great fighter).  Lets just forget all about them, at least for now!!!

Mickey Bey Wins?

Mickey Bey (20-1-1, 10KO’s) VS Miguel Vasquez (34-3, 13KO’s) was also a disgrace.  This was one not worth watching either.  It ended with the scores of 115-113 (Bey), 115-113 (Vasquez), and 119-109 (Bey).  I have stated in a previous article that the judging is corrupt.  119-109???  That is an absolute outrage.  The fight was so slow and so close round by round, there is absolutely no way someone can come up with that score.  Anyway, congrats to Mickey Bey on winning the IBF Lightweight title. His first title.

Santa Cruz Excites!

It was a very short fight, but exciting non the less.  Leo Santa Cruz (27-0-1, 15KO’s) always delivers.  Santa Cruz, one of the more exciting fighters to watch, always has very high punch outputs.  It was the same story last night.  After an exciting first round, he ended the fight early with a second round KO of Manuel Roman with hard straight right to the jaw.